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Barrel to Bottle Episode 23: BCBS Tasting with Mike Siegel

This week on Barrel To Bottle we get a unique tasting tour of Goose Island Beer Company's 2017 Bourbon County label releases with Goose Island's head of research and development, Mike Siegel.
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Barrel to Bottle Episode 21: All Things Cider

This week on Barrel to Bottl we talk to Brian Rutzen, Cider Director/Floor Manager for The Northman in Chicago. He'll dive into the ever-growing world of cider to explain cider's historical roots, common misconceptions about cider, and to taste some unique styles.
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast Episode 20: Valentine's Day Pairings

What's the perfect wine, spirit, or beer to go with your Valentine's Day plans?
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast: Episode 11

Binny's Beverage Depot's beer guru Roger Adamson is back again to join hosts Kristen Ellis and Jeff Carlin with a unique history of lambic beers and to unravel the mystery of gueuze (or Geuze.)
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast: Episode 7

This week, the Barrel to Bottle crew learns how to infuse their own barrel aged stout, using a French Press.
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast: Episode 4

Scarcity in beer. It sounds like an oxymoron, however, when everyone wants to get their hands on the same beer it creates hysteria!
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