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Two Thumbs Up for Two Hearted

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale hit Binny’s shelves in Illinois for the first time in over two years last week, and beer lovers all over the state rejoiced. Looks like the hop shortage may finally be coming to an end, as Bell’s was able to get their hands on some surplus hops and finally brew up enough Two Hearted Ale to satisfy the Land of Lincoln.


I love a citrusy IPA, and this one scores. It is hoppy with a solid malt backbone, resulting in a well balanced beer that is easy on the palate. It is one of the best IPA’s available in the world, period. There isn’t much else I can say about Two Hearted Ale that hasn’t already been said by legions of beer enthusiasts.


I am wondering if there are mixed reviews on Two Hearted Ale reappearing in Illinois. Sure, everyone is chipper that it is back, but aren’t people agitated that Bell’s abandoned Illinois in the first place? Bell’s made some beers under the Kalamazoo label for us Illinoisans, which were admirable, but not in the same league as beers like Two Hearted Ale. So Bell’s had their distributor debacle, I understand that. But was it really the right decision for Bell’s to remove their beers from Illinois in the first place, causing beer lovers here to suffer for two plus years?

7 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up for Two Hearted

  1. Larry Bell made the absolute correct move by leaving illinois. Distribution rights were headed to a “macro” brewery who in turn would TELL Larry bell what beers he can distribute to Illinois. You would never have seen half the Bell’s beers available here now. It was the right move and well worth the wait…..

  2. Kyle: I heard Two Hearted was coming,but did not believe it. Saw it ,grabbed two sixers and left them outside for half an hour. Poured the first one into my 18 OZ Sam Smith glass and wallowed in the hops! Took a sip and it was like visiting an old friend, some things you never forget! And never regret!! No dought, one of the most balanced,and drinkable IPA’s on the market. Kudo’s To Larry Bell for bringing it “home”Kyle,its closer to 3 or 4 years, out of this market.And agree totally with JB, He’s right on the mark!Lets hope its here to stay!

  3. I also hope Bell’s is here to stay, but I don’t think their legal issues in Illinois are over yet. Who knows what will happen if their old distributor decides they want some compensation…which I don’t think has happened yet.I will say a prayer to the beer gods in hopes that Bell’s will always be available here.

  4. Didn’t Bell’s old distributer get bought out or go out of business? They have a new distro and a new contract which Larry himself signed off on and approved of, I don’t think there’s any worries for the future of Bell’s in chi..

  5. And yes, of course Larry made the right decision to pull out when he did. He was totally getting (pardon my french) ***** by his old distro and he wasn’t about to give up control of his brand. I admire him for that. Also, the previous poster is right, we would’ve only had a partial Bell’s lineup if he bowed down to the shitty distro and let them have control their way.

  6. just became available in my area…. finally after all these years of waiting & not having to travel to get this brew… this is the beer that “got me ” into hoppy beers years.. years ago… two hearted kicks-major forms of ass

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