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Two Brothers Red Eye Coffee Porter Returning


Three years ago in the spring of 2009, Two Brothers released Red Eye Coffee Porter, the best beer they have ever brewed. Red Eye Coffee Porter flew off the shelves due not only to its deliciousness, but its economical price.  Two Brothers brewed it once more in the fall of 2009 for the final time, even though beer lovers couldn’t seem to get enough..  


To commemorate their 15th anniversary, Two Brothers has decided to resurrect 15 archived recipes throughout 2012, starting with the best beer they have ever brewed on March 27th.


With the amount of popularity and hype surrounding Red Eye Coffee Porter, it is almost boggling that Two Brothers hasn’t yet added it to their everyday lineup. Two Brothers has acknowledged this: has easily become the most requested beer for us to bring back (like almost every day).  Binny’s was guilty of adding fuel to the fire of the hype train when we put Red Eye in our Top 10 Beers, one of our inaugural blog posts.  


While the announcement that Two Brothers is bringing Red Eye back is nice, it will still probably do little to appease the beer geeks since Two Brothers announcement makes it seem like it will be brewed this one last time and never again.


Do you think Red Eye Coffee Porter is the best beer Two Brothers has ever brewed?


32 thoughts on “Two Brothers Red Eye Coffee Porter Returning

  1. You know, I can’t say I’ve ever been REALLY impressed by any of the TB beers. That said, I haven’t tried the Red Eye, Askew or the Coffee Porter. Just the C&A, DD, BE and HopJuice.

  2. Lance, if you are serious about the 2 cases, shoot me an email at kyle@binnys along with the store you would like to pick them up at. We think this beer is going to be pretty limited.

  3. I guess I should rephrase: If the release is similar to last time, the beer will be plentiful for a few months before dropping off the face of the earth. So your window of availability will be the thing that is most limited.

  4. Glad to hear about these types of releases on the blog. Hopefully this ‘limited release’ doesn’t require one to camp out for this like KBS (which I didn’t do and didn’t get unfortunately). Is there a waiting list or does the release look like everyone will get a chance?

  5. I really like their Domaine Dupage, the French-style country ale. Nice subtle ale flavor without being too bitter or overpowering. Pairs nicely with grilled salmon.

  6. I love the Cain and Ebel too, Pete, but then again I kinda love ’em all. The North Wind stout is a great one that got me through the winter. The Resistance is one of my favorite IPAs. And the Long Haul is just nice and straightforward.

  7. It looks like most stores are sold out of the Circus Penguin, although our South Loop, Mchenry, and Champaign locations may have some left.

  8. It depends on the delivery day, several stores got it yesterday. The rest will be getting it today, tomorrow, and Friday.

  9. I’ve been asking the guys in Warrenville about the Red Eye every time I’m there! It is THE best. My husband likes the Cane & Ebel. Too bad Binny’s has a 1 bottle limit per customer (but understandable). Looks like I’ll have to come prepared with many disguises! (2 bottle limit at Two Brother’s Tap House starting at 3 today).

  10. Just picked mine up at the Skokie store, thanks Kyle and Justin! Can’t wait to try it.For those who might be curious, I would NOT recommend trying the Bell’s Java Stout. I got some on sale somewhere else for $10.99 a six pack (normally $15.99), and it’s pretty nasty stuff!For the record, I like most Bell’s brews, porters, dark ales, stouts…but this stuff tasted like cold coffee grounds.If you are still curious, you are welcome to one of my bottles–I have 4 left.

  11. I’m having the Red Eye Coffee Porter right now. It’s delicious – flavorful, robust, dark. But it seems flat or not as sparkly. Classic brewing, I suppose. I’m going to take this head to head with Bitches Brew this weekend. I think I prefer the BB b/c it has maybe more carbonation?

  12. I got 3 bottles @ Chicago, Grand Ave. They have at least 24 more bottles @ 6.99$. 9.2 ABV, this is good stuff. 15 years for 2 bros, that’s fantastic! My first was a Domaine DuPage maybe 6 years ago. Thanks 2 Brothers and thanks Binny’s.

  13. We certainly hope so, although we haven’t seen an official list of all 15 of the brews they will be releasing.

  14. Remember that there’s always the intermediate step of the distributor. The beer doesn’t go straight from them to us, and it can sometimes cause a delay of even a week or two. And sometimes, it doesn’t 🙂

  15. Pingback: Cane & Ebel…and Caine. | Je suis Aimée

  16. Bump.

    I’m late to the party on this Red Eye release. Does anyone know if there’s any left at any Chicagoland stores?!

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