1. Virtual Tasting with Gina Gallo

    Virtual Tasting with Gina Gallo

    Gina Gallo is third-generation winegrower from one of America's most historic winemaking families. Join a casual conversation with Binny's Wine Educator Alicia Barrett and Gina. They'll sample some of Gina's creations and discuss her extraordinary life.

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  2. Barrel to Bottle: Chardonnay

    Barrel to Bottle: Chardonnay

    Chardonnay is a versatile grape that can be grown almost anywhere by almost anyone. That means you can coax a wide variety flavors out of the grape. Many listeners might know Chardonnay for being buttery and heavily oaked, but the Barrel to Bottle crew is here with some more subtle expressions. Plus a listenera Q&A about identifying corked wine.   

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  3. Vin de France Virtual Tasting

    Vin de France Virtual Tasting

    In recent years, we've seen an uptick in French wines labeled 'Vin De France.' If you enjoy French wines and want to learn more about this exciting category, join Binny's wine staff as we taste through some of our favorite Vin De France bottlings.

    DRINK ALONG: Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc Le Grand Caillou 2019  |  Saint Cosme Little James' Basket Press Grenache Rouge  |  Alain de la Treille Pinot Noir 2018  |  

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  4. Cotes du Rhone Virtual Tasting

    Cotes du Rhone Virtual Tasting

    Join Binny's Wine Educator Alicia Barrett and Binny's own Rooter of the Rhone Chris Speir for an informative look at this special region! Pick up the wines and join them to explore Cotes du Rhone!

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  5. Veuve Clicquot Virtual Tasting

    Veuve Clicquot Virtual Tasting

    Have you ever wondered how Veuve Clicquot comes up with their unique packaging every year? Join Aygline Pechdo, Vice President of Veuve Clicquot USA, and Binny's Wine Educator, Alicia Barrett, to hear about this year's Cassette Tape package and Aygline's thoughts on the most successful packages from years past. We'll be tasting the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label and Brut Rosé, so be sure to pop open a bottle or two and tune in for a discussion of this iconic brand.

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  6. Zuccardi Virtual Tasting

    Zuccardi Virtual Tasting

    Binny's own Gabriel Z is talking with Sebastian Zuccardi about everything "mountain wine": the vineyards and the terroir that make Familia Zuccardi a leader in Argentine wine!

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  7. Wines of Argentina

    Wines of Argentina

    Freshness has become the theme of the moment throughout Argentina, resulting in wines that emphasize elegance, tension, natural acidity and lower alcohol.

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  8. Discover Beaujolais

    Discover Beaujolais

    Travel with us for a few minutes to Beaujolais. Settled in the rolling hills just south of Burgundy, it’s a region immensely appreciated by a few (mostly those who work in wine) and undiscovered (or misunderstood) by many. In short, I’m crazy about it, and you should be too.

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  9. Barrel to Bottle: Rosé All...Year?

    Barrel to Bottle: Rosé All...Year?

    Is this the Summer of Rosé pt. Deux or should it be Rosé All Year? Alicia and Chris take us on a journey around the world of Rosé. From California to France and back again, these refreshing wines (porch pounders, really) are great in the warm weather, but they're excellent to drink year-round as well. 

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  10. Barrel to Bottle: Cabernet Around the World

    Barrel to Bottle: Cabernet Around the World
    There's more to Cabernet than Napa and France. Jason Palma steps back into the Barrel to Bottle studios for a Cabernet world tour. Cabernet is grown on six continents and each one has it's own unique flavors and aromas.
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