1. Wines of Argentina

    Wines of Argentina

    Freshness has become the theme of the moment throughout Argentina, resulting in wines that emphasize elegance, tension, natural acidity and lower alcohol.

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  2. Discover Beaujolais

    Discover Beaujolais

    Travel with us for a few minutes to Beaujolais. Settled in the rolling hills just south of Burgundy, it’s a region immensely appreciated by a few (mostly those who work in wine) and undiscovered (or misunderstood) by many. In short, I’m crazy about it, and you should be too.

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  3. Barrel to Bottle: Rosé All...Year?

    Barrel to Bottle: Rosé All...Year?

    Is this the Summer of Rosé pt. Deux or should it be Rosé All Year? Alicia and Chris take us on a journey around the world of Rosé. From California to France and back again, these refreshing wines (porch pounders, really) are great in the warm weather, but they're excellent to drink year-round as well. 

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  4. Barrel to Bottle: Cabernet Around the World

    Barrel to Bottle: Cabernet Around the World
    There's more to Cabernet than Napa and France. Jason Palma steps back into the Barrel to Bottle studios for a Cabernet world tour. Cabernet is grown on six continents and each one has it's own unique flavors and aromas.
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  5. Confessions of a Mixologist: Adonis

    Sherry has long had an unfair reputation. Dismissed as the stuffy drink of choice for aging British aristocrats, or sickly sweet jug wine more suited to cooking than drinking. Fortunately the variety and quality of sherry is being rediscovered. Sommeliers and bartenders are putting it back on menus and serving up classic, sherry-based cocktails from more than a century ago. This cocktail takes its name from the musical Adonis, one of the first Broadway hits back in 1884.

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  6. A Visit from Louis M. Martini's Winemaker Michael Eddy

    Louis M. Martini winemaker Michael Eddy was in our Naperville location showcasing his outstanding line up of wines for members of the Binny's staff. He oversees the entire production process of creating wine, including: grape harvesting, crushing, fermentation, aging, blending, and bottling while keeping the individual characteristics of the Martini's flagship varietal cabernet sauvignon consistent.  

    Louis M. Martini Winemaker

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