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  1. Farewell to a Single Malt Legend

    Farewell to a Single Malt Legend

    For several years now rumors have been swirling that Old Pulteney may discontinue some of their older offerings, specifically the award-winning 21-year-old and the underrated 17-year-old. Not surprising news considering age statements on single malts are increasingly disappearing. Pulteney just announced their new lineup, and the 17 and 21 are indeed gone, replaced by new 15 and 18 year offerings.

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  2. Whiskies of the Week: Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co.

    As more releases from the Orphan Barrel line of bourbons keep coming, their consistent value pricing continues to surprise us. In all honesty, the prices of theses bourbons are surprisingly low considering the age of the barrels and current demand for mature bourbons. Finding this much juice at such an advanced age really is an oddity in this boom portion of the space-time bourbon continuum. As with the previous releases, grab them while you can. They will most certainly disappear at a quick pace.  

    Orphan Barrel Binny's

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