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  1. Meet the Maker: Maker's Mark Bourbon Virtual Tasting

    Meet the Maker: Maker's Mark Bourbon Virtual Tasting

    The Whiskey Hotline is back with another great virtual tasting. Brett and Pat are joined by Maker's Mark Master Distiller Denny Potter and innovation expert Jane Bowie for a virtual tasting of the latest Binny's Handpicked Private Select batch..


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  2. Meet the Maker: Casa Dragones Virtual Tasting

    Meet the Maker: Casa Dragones Virtual Tasting

    The Whiskey Hotline is joined by Casa Dragones founder Bertha González Nieves and tequila expert and sommelier Sandra Fernandez for a Cinco de Mayo live tasting of Casa Dragones Joven. Learn how to nose and taste tequila and the history behind the agave plants used.


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  3. Whiskey Wednesday: Signatory Vintage Virtual Scotch Tasting

    Whiskey Wednesday: Signatory Vintage Virtual Scotch Tasting

    Kicking off our Live Whiskey Wednesday Virtual Events at Binny's, it's a tasting of Signatory Vintage single malt Scotch! Brett and Pat from the Whiskey Hotline are joined by Monique to taste special Signatory bottlings from across the years and across Scotland.


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  4. Everyday Bourbon Values

    Everyday Bourbon Values

    As high-end bourbons have continued to climb in price, and disappear from the shelves, it’s nice to have a few brands that deliver consistently great flavor and value. We’ve highlighted a few of The Whiskey Hotline’s favorites that scratch that bourbon itch without breaking the bank. In fact, they’re some of the best spirits values around under $30.

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  5. Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road: Maker's Mark

    This trip took us from the Whiskey Hotline headquarters in Lincoln Park to a hole in the side of a hill in Loretto, KY. Normally we pick liquid from a barrel, but on this mission we were picking the wood.  

    Maker's Mark Private Select Binny's

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  6. Diversify Your Drams

    Variety packs are always great options, because the best whiskey gift is always more whiskey.  

    Whiskey Hotline Binny's Variety Packs

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  7. Rollin' in New Arrivals From the Whiskey Hotline

    Whiskey Hotline

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  8. Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines

    Bourbon barrel aged wines have exploded in popularity alongside bourbon. We’re happy to offer three different takes on this up and coming style. These wines are aged in traditional oak and then finished for several months in used bourbon barrels to add complexity without the sweet bourbon notes overwhelming the wine.  

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wine

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  9. The Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road: Islay

    We visited Ardbeg first, and got an incredibly in-depth tour from distillery manager Mickey Heads. Our first impression was how shockingly small the operation is, at least in comparison to their marketing budget. Ardbeg only operates a single pair of stills. To put that in perspective Glenlivet has 28 pairs.  

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  10. The Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road: Campbeltown

    After a long drive across the lowlands and down the Campbeltown peninsula we arrived in the town of Campbeltown. Once the mecca of Scotch whisky with over 35 distilleries in the town, the number has dwindled down to just 3. Two of them are owned by the Wright family, Springbank and Glengyle. Founded in 1828, the Springbank distillery is a special place for Scotch lovers.  

    Campbeltown Scotland Binny's

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