1. Tequila Tuesday: Tequila 101

    Tequila Tuesday: Tequila 101

    Join the Whiskey Hotline and a panel of industry experts as we ask what is tequila? What are the different ways it is made? Some are labeled 100% blue agave, others are not – what’s the difference? That and more in this Tequila 101 session. The first in a series of agave focused events.

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  2. Corazon Tequila with Casa San Matias Owner Carmen Villareal

    Corazon Tequila with Casa San Matias Owner Carmen Villareal

    Join the Whiskey Hotline and Casa San Matias distillery owner Carmen Villarreal for a tasting of Corazon tequila.

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  3. The Whiskey Hotline: Casa Maestri Tequila Blanco Flask

    With the weather warming up, its hard to beat a crisp, clean, citrusy blanco tequila. Casa Maestri produces many different tequila brands out of their distillery (NOM-1438 for you tequila geeks at home) but this one in particular caught our attention with it’s added value, a flask! Not just any flask, but a 1.75 liter flask. Not only is the tequila great, but since the flask goes to 11, we mean 1.75, this is not a deal to pass on.  

    Casa Maestri Tequila Blanco Flask Binny's Whiskey Hotline

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  4. Confessions of a Mixologist: The Betty

    Confessions of a Mixologist: The Betty

    The Betty is named after a trusted friendly canine companion near and dear to our hearts. This chocolate margarita is coupe full of unique flavors. The cocoa dominates your taste buds, while a citrus bite lingers at the end. It's refreshing and is most certainly best enjoyed outside with your furry friends. Shop the ingredients below at your favorite Binny's.


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  5. Confessions of a Mixologist: Margarita Classics

    Take Your Margarita to the Top Shelf. There's a reason that when you think Mexican food, the first cocktail that comes to mind is the margarita. The citrus and sweet character is a timeless match with spicy, salty, saucy Mexican cuisine. If you're looking to impress, these two tips will help you make the perfect, crowd-pleasing margarita:


    Better Ingredients Make a Better Margarita. Start with tequila you actually like, and build from there. Also, try an orange liqueur with a brandy base, to give your drink a layer of complexity beyond the sweet orange of less expensive triple sec.


    Use Fresh Lime Juice. Sure, margarita mix is an easy solution just add tequila, right? But all that sugar tends to overpower most other flavors from the tequila in your drink to the flavor of the food, too. Not to mention the extra calories! Fresh fruit juice and a good orange liqueur offer just enough sweetness for a fresh and balanced cocktail.


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  6. Confessions of a Mixologist: Taco Night

    Confessions of a Mixologist: Taco Night

    Jalapeno. Cilantro. Mango. Margarita. YUM. The perfect pairing with our traditional tacos recipe.


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