single barrels

  1. Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road: Maker's Mark

    This trip took us from the Whiskey Hotline headquarters in Lincoln Park to a hole in the side of a hill in Loretto, KY. Normally we pick liquid from a barrel, but on this mission we were picking the wood.  

    Maker's Mark Private Select Binny's

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  2. Bourbon Women Night 2017

    Bourbon Women Night is an opportunity to taste bourbon and network with the women of the spirits industry. Sample from a selection of 50+ spirits and discover new favorites from all over the country. From Koval’s locally made gin to Nikka's Japanese Whisky to Journeyman's Michigan Bourbon Whiskey, it is a unique tasting experience. In anticipation of this year’s Bourbon Women Night, we’re excited to announce a few highlights.  

    Bourbon Women Night Binny's

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