1. Barrel to Bottle: I Say Saison

    Barrel to Bottle: I Say Saison

    Saison may be the easiest style of beer to brew - and the hardest to master. Roger walks the Barrel to Bottle team through this classic style, showcasing timeless examples including Saison DupontBrasserie Dupont Cuvee Dry Hop, Allagash Saison and Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale. Then the rest of the team mutines, opening some additional American craft examples, and hilarity ensues. Stick around for the Q&A segment for your chance to win a $20 if your question is answered on the podcast. This week's question pits "micro brew" vs. "craft brew."


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  2. Celebrating National Saison Day!

    Of all the beer styles brewed toady, few are open to as much interpretation as the saison. Saisons are highly carbonated and refreshing pale ales that were originally brewed by Belgian farmers in order to entice seasonal farmhands or “saisonniers” to sign on for summer work. Yeast plays a big role in their flavor profile and while most are brewed with strains that produce highly aromatic and spicy flavors, some also incorporate wild yeast strains such as Brettanomyces which can impart some earthy funk. So raise a toast to this classic style with one of these refreshing favorites on #NationalSaisonDay!  

    National Saison Day 2017

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