rye whiskey

  1. Celebrate America's Signature Holiday with America's Signature Whiskey: Rye

    Bourbon may officially be America's spirit, and the 4th of July our celebration of independence, but two important traditions existed at least as early, if not before. Thanksgiving Day and Rye Whiskey. In the early years of American whiskey production, rye was the dominant style, especially in the east, eventually supplanted by the sweeter, rounder and easier to produce bourbon. As you give thanks, raise a glass of the spirit that shaped our whiskey tradition.   Rye Whiskey

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  2. Confessions of a Mixologist: Lavender in the Rye

    Confessions of a Mixologist: Lavender in the Rye

    Lavender in the Rye is one of our new favorite rye whiskey cocktails and an absolute crowd pleaser. The lavender bitters and sugar cane syrup are excellent additions to the rye. This is an easy to build cocktail. Impress your pals with your epic bartending skills and this floral favorite!


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