1. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Oktoberfest Feast

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Oktoberfest Feast

    This is an impressive feast fit for King Ludwig, but all the techniques are simple enough. Diners will marvel at the sausage stuffed pork roast while they work out just how you managed to get that sausage in there. The sides of red cabbage and spaetzle are fabulous and definitely worth the effort but you can successfully pull off this meal with some purchased sauerkraut and boiled potatoes if you are looking for shortcuts.

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  2. Barrel to Bottle: OktoberFestbiers

    Barrel to Bottle: OktoberFestbiers

    You might  think that all Oktoberfest beers are the same, but Roger is here to show you that's not the case. The Barrel to Bottle Crew will help you clear up some of the confusing aspects of Oktoberfest, starting with why it's in September.

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  3. It's Oktoberfest Time!

    It's Oktoberfest Time!

    Oktoberfest beers, already?! Don’t forget, the official Munich celebration actually starts in September, and that’s just around the corner. It’s still a bit early, but we love a good malty marzen and they've started rolling on in. Here’s a toast to some of our favorites.

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  4. Oktoberfest Beers: The Final Countdown

    It’s finally here! This weekend officially marks the beginning of Oktoberfest in Munich. Here in the US we’ve managed to brew some pretty exemplary renditions of their famous celebratory lager. Here are four more of our favorites, perfect for hoisting!  

    Oktoberfest Beer Binny's

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