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  1. Meet Mr. Peanut!

    Meet Mr. Peanut!

    Mr. Peanut is cruisin’ into town and this monocled maestro rides in style! Stop by one of the following Binny’s locations and snap a pic with Mr. Peanut and the Nutmobile. The folks from Noon Whistle will be pouring samples of their nutty new collaborative brew – Mr. IPA-Nut. Mark your calendars and stop on by, you’d be nuts to miss it!

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  2. Cigar City Beer and Cigar Pairings

    Amidst the sea of choices on the shelf today, you may be asking yourself - what’s so special about Cigar City? In a word - proficiency. They can fill a fermenter with one of the most complex imperial stouts you’ll ever taste, yet at the same time produce an impeccably balanced and refreshing pale ale.   Also of note, is their ability to imbue Floridian culture into their distinctive lineup of beer. Tampa is a city built by tobacco, and with cigar manufacturing came a diverse influx of immigrants who built a vibrant community around them. With the help of Binny’s Cigar Consultant Jen, we’ve selected some cigars to enjoy alongside a freshly poured Cigar City.  

    Cigar City cigar pairings

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  3. Get it at Binny's: Odell Brewing Company

    When we first heard Odell Brewing Co. planned to come to Illinois we immediately asked, “WHEN?!” Thankfully the wait is finally over. Initially inspired by the classic ales of Great Britain, this Colorado craft pioneer’s portfolio has grown to include all manner of styles. From long cherished classics, to award winning sours, Odell brings a solid selection of brews to the shelf.  

    Odell Brewing Company Binny's

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  4. Get It First at Binny's: pseudoSue

    Binny’s is proud to announce the dawn of a new era - Toppling Goliath is finally here!   This unassuming little brewery from Decorah, Iowa has garnered quite the reputation, brewing some of the most sought after brews on today's craft market. Our first taste of their magnificent portfolio is pseudoSue, but rest assured pseudoSue is but the first hoppy masterpiece of many. As Toppling Goliath works to expand their operations in Decorah, a slew of their revered brews will start making their way to Illinois. Keep a close eye on the Beer Buzz in the months to come!  

    Toppling Goliath Binny's

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  5. Big Beautiful Bastards from Founders and Arrogant Brewing

    “This is an aggressive beer. You probably won’t like it.” This famous declaration is proudly printed on the back of every bottle Arrogant Bastard. Uninterested in appealing to the masses, Stone bucked conventional wisdom and created the beer they wanted to drink, and a loyal fan base fell in love with a beer that many others deemed undrinkable. After nearly two decades of arrogance, the bastard is alive and well, periodically reappearing and reinventing himself in delicious new ways.  

    Big Beautiful Bastards

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