1. What's Your IPA Style?

    What's Your IPA Style?

    India Pale Ale – an old-school English beer style that American craft brewers made their own. West Coast, New England, Imperial, Black, White and Rye - the variations on this popular style are nearly endless. 2018 has been all about the haze. Here’s three new favorites, and an outlier to boot.

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  2. Stone Hammers Out Another Solid IPA

    Another IPA from Stone?! Perhaps no other brewery is so inexorably linked to India Pale Ale. For the past 20 years, their aggressively unapologetic passion for hops has made the champions of the IBU and masters of this iconic style. This week we got our first taste of Ghost Hammer, a fresh new IPA featuring a unique new hop.  

    Stone IPA

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  3. California Dreamin': Juicy Brews from Sierra Nevada

    In the ever-evolving IPA scene, the current name of the game is “juicy”. Be they beers brewed with freshly squeezed juice, uniquely fruity hops or a combination of the two, IPAs are steadily becoming less about bitterness and more about fruity aromatics. Sierra Nevada’s latest is a testament to the uniqueness of modern hop varietals.  

    California Dreamin' Sierra Nevada

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  4. Beer Buzz Hits the Road: Ballast Point

    The Beer Buzz recently took a trip to sunny San Diego, so naturally we needed to check out Ballast Point's new facility in Miramar. Stepping foot into this 107,000 square foot brewery, it is incredible to think how far Ballast Point has come since their humble beginnings in the back of Homebrew Mart twenty years ago. Ballast Point was founded with DIY determination and that passion for craftsmanship can be seen in the gleam of this beautiful 150 barrel brew system salvaged from a brewery in Germany.

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