1. Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkin Beer

    Lattes, waffles, ice cream, pasta, cereal… people can’t get enough pumpkin! While pumpkin is everywhere these days, beer made with pumpkin is actually nothing new. Faced with insufficient supplies of malted barley, 17th-century American colonists instead substituted pumpkin in their ale recipes. So fill your glasses with some of our favorite modern day pumpkin brews and raise a toast to American ingenuity.  

    Pumpkin Beers

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  2. Ciders for Fall

    Fall is here, and as the air starts to cool and the leaves begin to change, the fruits of the autumnal harvest are all around us. As we sort through bushels of freshly picked apples and mountains of colorful squash, few beverages are more perfectly suited for this time of year than a mug of hard cider. From centuries-old tradition to innovative new blends, each of our featured ciders is delicious in its own way.  

    Fall Ciders

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