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  1. Beer Buzz Hits the Road: 5 Rabbit Cervecería

    This week we escape the cold winter greyness with the bright Latin flavors of Chicago’s 5 Rabbit CervecerÍa. These intrepid brewers turn to Central and South American cuisine for inspiration, using a wide variety painstakingly sourced ingredients at various stages of the brewing process.  

    5 Rabbit

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  2. Beer Buzz Hits the Road: Myths and Legends Brewing Company

    All this cold weather as of late was driving us a bit stir crazy, so we decided to hit the road and visit some local breweries. Our customers continue to rave about Myths and Legends Brewing Company in nearby Westmont, so we headed on over to check things out.  

    Myths and Legends Tap Room

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  3. Local Liquid: Lombard’s Noon Whistle

    Noon Whistle co-founder and brewer Paul Kreiner grew up vacationing in Marquette, Wisconsin where a local tradition left an indelible mark. Each day at noon a whistle blew signaling that it was time to take a break, relax and have lunch. For Paul and many others that also came to mean enjoying a nice, refreshing beer. Determined to prove that big flavor need not mean big alcohol, Noon Whistle set out to brew more “sessionable” brews, the kind of beverage you could enjoy at any time of day.  

    We recently stopped by Noon Whistle’s brewery in order to taste and see what they were all about. With a brand new canning operation up and running, we are happy to announce the arrival of three tap room favorites now available in six packs at a Binny's near you.  
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  4. Oktoberfest Beers: The Final Countdown

    It’s finally here! This weekend officially marks the beginning of Oktoberfest in Munich. Here in the US we’ve managed to brew some pretty exemplary renditions of their famous celebratory lager. Here are four more of our favorites, perfect for hoisting!  

    Oktoberfest Beer Binny's

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  5. Beer Buzz Hits the Road: Forbidden Root

    Located in a former movie theater in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, Forbidden Root is committed to introducing the world to the wonders of “Botanical Beer." One step inside their doors and their passion is immediately present, the walls decorated with rows of jars containing all matter of bark, berry, root and spice.  

    Forbidden Root Binny's

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