1. Bourbon Women Night 2018 Single Barrel

    Bourbon Women Night 2018 Single Barrel

    Bourbon Women Night is an opportunity to taste spirits and network with the women of the spirits industry. Each year, Bourbon Women Chicago members choose a single barrel that will be released the night of the event. Over the last few years, they have picked single barrels from Smooth Ambler, Four Roses, J. Henry & Sons and Journeyman Distillery. This year’s handpick comes from Dekalb, Illinois.

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  2. Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines

    Bourbon barrel aged wines have exploded in popularity alongside bourbon. We’re happy to offer three different takes on this up and coming style. These wines are aged in traditional oak and then finished for several months in used bourbon barrels to add complexity without the sweet bourbon notes overwhelming the wine.  

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wine

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  3. The Whiskey Hotline Hits The Bourbon Trail

    Recently, a group of Binny's female leaders attended the Bourbon Women Sip-Osium, an annual conference hosted by the Bourbon Women Organization out of Kentucky. It wouldn't be a trip to the Bourbon Motherland without a few stops along the Bourbon Trail. Read more about our trip below.  

    Buffalo Trace Distillery

    Freddie Johnson Buffalo Trace Distillery Binny's

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  4. Bourbon Heritage Month 2016

    Why does bourbon get a whole month? The US Senate declared September “Bourbon Heritage Month” back in 2007. The bill passed with unanimous consent, and calls for consumers who enjoy bourbon to celebrate the family heritage, tradition and longstanding legacy that the bourbon industry contributes to America and the world. Whether you enjoy this classic American spirit on the rocks, neat, or in your favorite cocktail, let us know how you’re celebrating. We plan to celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month this September with four of our favorite handpicked bourbons.  

    Bourbon Heritage Month Binny's

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  5. Confessions of a Mixologist: Whiskey Acres Distilling Co.

    Whiskey Acres Distilling Co., our new friends from Dekalb don't have to go very far for their corn and wheat. Their tagline, "from seed to spirit," says it all. They grow all of their grain on the farm and then use it to make their whiskey. We can't lie - it's pretty delicious. We have also waited patiently and their farm to glass bourbon is finally here! Whiskey Acres uses wheat as a secondary grain which helps create a softer, more rounded spirit. It's great on a rock or mixed into your favorite cocktail.  

    Whiskey Acres Distilling Co Cocktails Binny's

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  6. Bourbon Women Night 2016

    Bourbon Women Night is an opportunity to taste bourbon and network with the women of the spirits industry. Sample from a selection of 50+ spirits and discover new favorites from all over the country. From Rhine Hall's locally made brandy to George Dickel's Tenessee Rye Whiskey to Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey, it is a unique tasting experience. In anticipation of this year’s Bourbon Women Night, we’re excited to announce a few highlights. But first, save the date!  

    Bourbon Women Night

    Binny's Lincoln Park

    Thursday, March 17th 6:00-8:00pm


    Buy Tickets Here


    Bourbon Women Night Binny's

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  7. Confessions of a Mixologist: Driving to Memphis

    Bring on the barbeque! This cocktail will blow your mind. You think you're committing to a bourbon cocktail, but then you get hit in the face with a flavor blast of peach barbeque. Seriously, stop in to one of our tasting rooms to give it a try, or mix one up at home and pair it with your favorite bbq dish. Don't forget the peach pie... you'll thank us later.  

    Driving To Memphis Cocktail Binny's

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  8. Fall Preview: Binny's Handpicked Casks

    The Whiskey Hotline hit the road this year. We’ve been all over the country and all over the world in search of casks of the finest spirits around. When we find the best of the best, we claim them as our own and call them Binny’s Handpicked Casks. Watch for these selections over the next few months:  

    Binny's Handpicked Casks

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  9. Confessions of a Mixologist: Nolet's Silver Bulleit

    Mixing gin and bourbon may sound like a weird combination, but you’ll change your mind after you try this cocktail. The floral flavors of the gin integrate with Bulleit's caramel notes and the fresh fruit juice. Don't be surprised if this cocktail finds its way onto your list of favorites.  

    Nolet's Gin Bulleit Bourbon

    Photo courtesy of Cocktail Enthusiast.
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  10. Everyday Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer Favorites

    Did you know September is Bourbon Heritage Month? We don't want The Whiskey Hotline to have all the fun, so we're celebrating with our favorite bourbon barrel aged beers. Sure, folks get excited for the super rare ones, but did you know there are great bourbon barrel aged beers available on shelves all the time?  

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers

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