1. The Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux - Rethinking Sauternes

    The Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux - Rethinking Sauternes

    Sauternes has the unfortunate distinction of being a wine everyone loves, but few people actually drink. It suffers from the perception that wine must be dry to be fine. When it is drunk, it’s often paired exclusively with desserts, relegated to the end of the meal at restaurants with the cordials and liqueurs.

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  2. Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux - Good and Bad Vintages

    Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux - Good and Bad Vintages

    “Americans are allergic to bad vintages,” observed one person in Bordeaux during a recent trip. I couldn’t disagree. The view here is often absolute: a vintage is either good or bad. And people don’t want to drink “bad” vintages.

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  3. The Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux

    The Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux

    As we gear up to focus on Bordeaux for the month of September it seems fitting to recap the annual Binny's en premier trip.

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  4. Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux Day Four

    A small group from Binny’s visited Bordeaux, tasting samples of the 2013 vintage and more, with stops at chateaux and negociants. Find the rest of the trip here. Binny's Wine Guru Steve Reiter concludes with day four:   Not everything is about the 2013 vintage. Our first stop is with Francois Thienpoint. While we taste a couple 2013's, our focus here is more on previous vintages, mostly 2010-12, that are now bottled and ready for sale.   A few stand outs include the 2011 Roques de Jean Lice which offers nice dark plum, dried herbs and clay notes with a light spicy oak on the finish. The 2012 Manoir de Gravoux is equally nice with plum, hints of black cherry, light cocoa and soft tannins. The 2011, 2010 and 2005 La Violette are wonderful, exhibiting warm flavors of black cherry, cola, clay earth and light clove. But the best by far is a barrel sample of 2012 La Gravette de Certan, the second wine of Chateau Vieux Certan. With a heady perfumed nose of blue and purple flowers and fruit, hints of clove, followed by lush blue and black fruit, all balanced and round. This is what Bordeaux offers that no one else can!  

    Bordeaux Bottles

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  5. Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux Day Three

    A small group from Binny’s visited Bordeaux. They tasted samples of the 2013 vintage, with stops at both chateaux and negociants. Find previous reports here. Steve is back with more:  

    Chateau Pichon Baron

      Day three starts with an appointment at Pichon Baron to taste and have lunch. We also have the distinct pleasure to taste with the winemaker, and to tour this lush and iconic chateau. Just check it out:  
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  6. Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux Day Two

    A team from Binny’s visited Bordeaux, one of France’s most famous wine regions. They tasted samples of the 2013 vintage – now available en premier – visiting chateaux and negociants. Read yesterday's report here. Steve is back with more:   Day two and we're on the right bank in St. Emilion and Pomerol. Vineyards spread out along the countryside, but upon reaching St. Emilion, the city is right on top of the vineyards. In fact, Chateau Ausone is on a hillside above their vineyards just 500 meters behind town. Just like we saw on the Left Bank yesterday, the local population and the vineyards are completely interwoven. Towns have grown as a result of the success and history of the wine region, which again is so different from the other regions I've visited. St. Emilion especially is a gorgeous old commune straight out of a fairy tale. Old with buildings staggered over steep hills, narrow passageways, vineyards enclosed by stone walls. A tourist destination and certainly worth the visit.  

    Vineyards and Towns in Bordeaux

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  7. Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux Day One

    Binny's Wine Managers Steve Reiter and Chris Speir joined Wine Buyer Barbara Hermann on a trip to one of France's most famous wine regions, Bordeaux. They tasted barrel samples of the 2013 vintage - now in the early stages of its en premier campaign - visited Chateaux and negociants. Steve reports from the road:  

    Binny's in Bordeaux


    First Impressions

      I expected the city of Bordeaux to be large (the 9th largest in France) but not quite the expanse that it is. We're staying in a charming, modern sprawl radiating from the river with a modern, urban feel. However, the "Centre" or old part of Bordeaux, is just as large, and definitely has the rustic feel I expected. With stone buildings, colored shades of earthy white, grey, orange and green, it reminds me a lot of Venice. Old churches and architecture dot town squares where people pass time. We wander a few hours through the alley-like, brick-layered streets. I would hate to have to park here. No wonder there are so many bikes.  
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  8. Taste Chateau Angelus and Chateau Daugay at Binny's Lincoln Park

    Chateau Angelus and Chateau Daugay Open House Tasting



    Ch. Angelus and Ch. Daugay Open House Tasting Tuesday, January 14th, 5-7pm

      Join us on January 14th from 5-7pm to meet Jean-Bernard Grenie, owner of the legendary Bordeaux estate Chateau Angelus and Chateau Daugay. Mr. Grenie will treat you to several vintages of Daugay and Angelus (recently promoted to Premier Grand Cru Classe "A"), including Daugay 2005, 2008, 2009, 20
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  9. Fall For Bordeaux

    Join Binny's October 12th & 26th to Fall In Love with Bordeaux


    Binny's is hosting free tastings at all Binny's locations on Saturday, October 12th and 26th from 1-4pm.


        Bordeaux Wines, Your Style! Bordeaux is the epicenter of the wine world, renowned for its large production of high quality wines. While the press and the attention most often go to the highest profile estates in the most famous regions, Robert Parker says in his 2009 book, Parker's Wine Bargains, “The bargains will emerge from the lesser-known appellations that border the...famous regions.”  
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  10. Binny's Mailbag: UGC Bordeaux Tasting

    Who wouldn't want to sneak a peek into Binny’s Mailbag?   I read on the UGC de Bordeaux website that there will be a Binny's tasting on January 23rd, 2013, which I assume is similar to what there was earlier this year for the 2009 vintage. However, I don't see any announcement on your website or blog. Any idea when this will be official and allow us to purchase tickets to? Thanks, Craig   Hi Craig,   The announcement and ticket sales for the January 23rd Union des Grands Crus Bordeaux Tasting should come later this year. We're looking forward to tasting another great vintage with our customers and friends from Bordeaux. It will be held at the Drake this time around, which is an absolutely gorgeous venue for t

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