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Binny’s New Brew: Anthem Hops Cider


Any Cider fans? Anthem Hops Cider is this weeks Binny’s New Brew! Selected by Jerry Gomez, Binny’s Cigar Consultant in sunny Skokie, Illinois chose this weeks new brew!


image hops


So Jerry, why this particular brew?
I’m just now getting into ciders and this one happened to have hops in it, which I love.


What does it taste like?
It has a sweet, cider taste, but the hops give it a dry champagne like taste.


What’s your story with Binny’s?
I’ve worked for Binny’s for six long years and the best part is learning about something new every day.


How’d you get started working in the cigar industry? Any experience in beer?
I was a custom home painter for ten years before the housing market fell along with the job. I then started in cigars since I smoked them on the weekends and I knew all of the basics. Do I have beer experience? Only on how to enjoy it. 🙂


Good enough for us! What’s your go-to beer on the weekends?
Revolution Brewing’s Anti Hero. Like I said, I love hops and I can always walk a few doors down to the pub and pick up a growler of the stuff.


Lucky you! All right, what’s your favorite cigar to pair with a beer?
Kristoff Maduro Robusto with any kind of dark stout.


Any special talents?


Haha, great talent! Favorite part about working in the cigar industry?
Access to the latest cigar releases.


That definitely is a perk! What’s one thing you’d want to tell/teach people about cigars?
How to cut enough without cutting the cap off.


Maybe you can show us some time on the blog! Special thanks to Jerry for helping with this weeks Binny’s New Brew!


Binny’s New Brew: A Little Crazy


Patrick Devitt, receiver at Binny’s Elmwood Park, is super excited about the local beer scene, so it makes sense that he chose Revolution’s A Little Crazy this week for his pick.


Why this particular brew?
After a trip to the Revolution Brew Pub for a wedding and sampling so much of their beer, I have been hooked on their brews.


How would you describe the taste?
A Little Crazy has a nice blend of flavors, mainly tangerine and citrus, but also works in a bit of a bitter taste of pine.


Mhmm! Sounds super refreshing! So what’s your story with Binny’s?
I started with Binny’s during the holidays in 2002 at the River Grove location. I’ve been with the company since then and have just started my role with Binny’s at Elmwood Park. The best part about working at Binny’s is the family type atmosphere that you have with your co-workers. You see your fellow Binny’s employees so much that they are kind of become like family.


Aww! What sparked your interest with beer?
I was always a big geography nerd as a kid, so with so many different beers from around the world that Binny’s carries it was kind of a natural fit for me. You get to learn so much from the different countries offering beer and the history behind all of them.


What consumes your time outside of Binny’s?
I am a huge sports enthusiast. I know way too much useless information about sports. It drives my friends nuts!


Well then… we’ll know who to call now when we make our bracket! Hypothetical situation: It’s a Friday night and you’re watching your favorite team… what’s your go-to beer of choice?
Either Two Brothers Domaine DuPage or Sierra Nevada Torpedo.


Why do you like the beer industry?
You get to meet all sorts of different people who are passionate about beer. Its much easier to communicate when the person is just as interested in something as you are.


Have more questions for Patrick? Shoot him an email here:


Binny’s New Brew: Two Brothers SideKick


This week’s Binny’s New Brew comes hand selected by Tom Bergman, our man in the beer aisle in Highland Park. Tom is stoked on the arrival of Two Brothers Brewing Co’s newest year-round release in cans, SideKick Extra Pale Ale.


When did you get Sidekick? 
A couple weeks ago. SideKick joins Outlaw IPA as a year-round canned release.


Why SideKick?
There comes a point where every beer nerd needs a break from the boozy onslaught of barrel aged stouts and tongue-thrashing bitterness of imperial IPA’s. Sometimes you just want to drink a beer (or three). SideKick is a subtle, sessionable option – it practically drinks itself!


How does it taste?
It’s crisp and delicate with a touch of sweet malt. There’s a nice balance of citrus, melon, and strawberry, and it finishes with just enough bitterness to remind you you’re drinking a pale ale.


Sounds delish! Now tell us about yourself – how long have you been with Binny’s and what’s your favorite part about working here?
I’ve been at Binny’s since September 2009. The highlight of my day is the smile on a return customer’s face after I’ve introduced them to a new beer style. Oh, and someone brought me a can of Heady Topper the other day – that was pretty sweet.


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Binny’s New Brew: Smuttynose Baltic Porter


Ben Morgan, customer service manager and resident beer geek at Binny’s Lakeview recommends Smuttynose Baltic Porter. It only seems fitting as winter doesn’t seem to want to leave Chicago.


Alright, so when do you expect to get this fantastic porter in?

It’s hitting the shelves of Binny’s this week!


Why’d you recommend this particular brew?

Smuttynose rarely disappoints, and this beer is one of their best, and it’s only $5.99 a 22 oz bottle at 9.2% ABV. It’s the perfect dark beer to help pass this abysmally overlong winter, haha!


Yeah, about that… So, how does it taste?

The color is an opaque black that lets in little to no light, with a lovely brown lacing that invites the drinker in warmly. The aroma is reminiscent of a freshly made chocolate fudge, or a really good glass of chocolate milk and just a hint of dark fruit such as bing cherries or dried dates. The taste definitely has the fudge quality that you get in the nose and a little bit of caramel, a touch of coffee, smoke and a little raisin. The creaminess of this beer is what really sells it for me. You can barely detect the 9% alcohol until you reach the end of the bottle, leaving you wanting another one!

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Binny’s New Brew: O’so Night Train


Ken Habenicht, beer manager at Binny’s in Buffalo Grove recommends the Binny’s New Brew of the week and breaks down why he loves being in the beer industry so much!


Which brew are you recommending this week?
O’so Night Train


What made you recommend this particular brew? What’s it taste like?
We just got this in the beginning of March and it’s been a popular pick! The nose on this brew took me by total surprise. Sweet vanilla notes were very present and what can I say, I’m a big fan of Vanilla porters & stouts. There is a nice roasty, creamy, and definite coffee notes present. Has a medium body with a dark brown color.


Mhmm.. sounds yummy! We’ll be sure to give it a try! So now, a little about you! What’s your history with Binny’s and what’s the best part of the gig?
I’ve been with Binny’s for 8+ years now and I really enjoy interacting with the customers about what interests them. It’s a true pleasure to see their eyes light up when you show them some special new beer that they absolutely must try. It reminds me of when a child opens up a Christmas gift and the pure excitement that radiates out of them. I’ve heard a customer more than once say looking at our beer wall is like being a kid in a candy shop. Need I say more?
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Binny’s New Brew: Founders All Day IPA


We are proud to introduce one of our beer managers, Scott Lasky, who is doing more then working hard in our stores! Read below to see how Scott spends his time giving back to the canine community!

Which brew are you recommending this week?
Founders All Day IPA


Fantastic! When did you get it in? Last week.


What made you recommend this particular brew?
After drinking many stouts, porters, barleywines, and Belgian strong ales during the winter, I look forward to lighter beers with lots of flavor during the warmer months. Founders All Day IPA is an excellent spring seasonal beer that is low in alcohol but has a bright, fresh hop aroma and flavor.


How does it taste?
All Day is a light-bodied beer with just enough malt to carry the noticeable hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. The beer’s taste is dominated by grassy/piney hops with citrus and floral notes. It is a well-balanced, easy drinking and flavorful beer that you can enjoy throughout the upcoming season without overwhelming your taste-buds or senses.
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Binny’s New Brew: Perennial Aria


This weeks Binny’s New Brew is sure to please. The recommendation comes from Chris Aiken, beer manager at the South Loop Binny’s.


When did you get Perennial Aria in?
Last week.


Why are you recommending it?
Perennial was one my favorite breweries to come into the market last year and with this as their flagship, I see them doing even better this year.


How does it taste?
A nice fruity Belgian Pale Ale with hints of Pear and Apple. There is a very subtle note of funk near the end to help it finish dry.


Sounds pretty awesome. Okay, now your turn. How long have you been with Binny’s?
Three years. I came over with the Sam’s buyout.


What’s your favorite part about working for Binny’s?
I get to talk to people about beer all day. Plus I get to visit breweries. It’s a rather nice gig.
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Binny’s New Brew: Grainstorm


Every week we like to feature a new brewski that hits our shelves. This week our Skokie beer manager, TJ,  recommends: Grainstorm Black Rye IPA from Boulevard.


This American Black Rye IPA earned a 91 point rating from Beer Advocate… and we couldn’t agree more! Be ready for a spicy, smokey and herbal mix. The big roasty malt body holds a lot of flavor until it ends with a delicious citrus bitterness.



This new brew is only available in store for the low price of $8.99 per bottle. Not bad, eh? It’s a winter seasonal, so it will only be around for a limited time. Be sure to check back weekly for our latest Binny’s New Brew!

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