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  1. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Burgers and Tomato Jam

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Burgers and Tomato Jam

    Nothing says summer grilling more than burgers! Keep the following three tips (repeated in the directions below) in mind to ensure that your burgers are top notch. (1) Do NOT salt beef patties until moments before they hit your preheated gas grill or white hot charcoal grill. Salt dissolves muscle proteins, turning what would have been moist and tender burgers into something fragile and dry. (2) Decide what temperature each beef patty will be and form it accordingly with the appropriate thickness (see step three below in the Instructions). Otherwise, a slow cooked, well-done, 3/4" patty will taste leathery and unappealing. (3) Keep a squeeze water bottle ready at hand to douse any flare ups.

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  2. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Traditional Tacos

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Traditional Tacos

    For many, tacos are THE definition of Mexican food. Our recipe focuses on the classic preparation. But whatever you prepare as a filling, we STRONGLY suggest skipping the microwave and warming the corn tortillas in the oven - see step #3 below. The tortillas gain not only an attractive color but also a delicious smoky/toasty note.

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  3. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Mint Dry Ice Gelato

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Mint Dry Ice Gelato

    Let's answer the question you're asking yourself. What distinguishes gelato from ice cream is the following: more egg yolks, less cream/more milk, and definitely less air churned into it than ice cream. The key to expressing that dense and creamy note is dry ice. Dry ice is not only cold enough to solidify the base. What's more, (unlike regular ice) dry ice sublimes into a gas, leaving nothing to dilute gelato's intensity of flavors. A word of caution: avoid touching the dry ice with your bare hands.

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  4. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Peach Crème Brûlée

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Peach Crème Brûlée

    Crème brûlée is not simply about intensely satisfying vanilla notes. The joy of crème brûlée is tasting the contrasts - the hot/savory note of burnt sugar and the cool/sweet interior, and above all the the audible crack of its hard shell giving way to the luxuriantly velvet-textured custard underneath. The key is to take the time necessary to form the shell. Keep the tip of the flame in constant motion by sweeping the tip back and forth across the surface in quick, even passes. Two or three quick and even sweeps is better than a slow single pass - lingering too long in one place will leave a scorched surface.

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  5. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef Reuben

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef Reuben

    Its origins are lost in lore. Some argue that a hotelier deserves the credit for tossing all the ingredients together for a guest, while the guest's descendents argue that it was their forefather who came up with the recipe. What is NOT up for debate is that the Reuben is one of the greatest sandwiches ever conceived. The key to the recipe is allowing yourself to indulge - allow yourself the butter, and allow yourself as much dressing as you would like. After a night of St. Patty's Day revelry, you deserve and need it!

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  6. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef Hash

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef Hash

    Both crisp and soft, and oh so satisfying, corned beef hash is the PERFECT hangover cure after St. Patty's Day. Concocted as a cunning means for using leftover meat, hash owes its name to the French word hacher - to chop, the only technique involved in its preparation. Simply chop or dice the ingredients and dump them into the skillet. The key to memorable hash is (after tossing in the roasted potatoes in the skillet) letting the ingredients rest in the skillet as they are sautéing. This ensures that a crispy crust is formed.

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  7. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef and Cabbage

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef and Cabbage

    What would St. Patty's Day be without corned beef and cabbage? Though the Irish certainly enjoy the lion’s share of recognition, immigrant Jews of early 20th century New York City also deserve a larger cut of the credit for what we know today as corned beef. The term corned was coined in the 17th century to describe the corn-kernel-sized salt crystals used for curing the beef or pork. The corned beef we enjoy on St. Patty’s Day was first served to Irish immigrants by New York City’s Jewish butchers, who by salting and cooking their cuts of beef brisket transformed the tough cut into the tender, flavorful dish we know and love today.

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  8. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Simple Grand Marnier Truffles

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Simple Grand Marnier Truffles

    Though this decadent recipe is a study in simplicity, be sure to use quality ingredients. Your better half will appreciate your efforts. Enjoy it with a glass of port.

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  9. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Cauliflower Wings

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Cauliflower Wings

    Here's our take on a game day classic - it will gratify not only your vegetarian guests but also your committed carnivore. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, our flavorful version of this pub classic is so close in texture to the original that your friends will scream for more.

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  10. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Pigskins

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Pigskins

    Skins are a go-to game day dish. Our recipe takes it up a notch by brushing the skins with rendered bacon fat, which not only further crisps the skins but also infuses them with smoky goodness. Drizzled with cheese, our pigskins are bound to be the MVP of your game day party. Be sure to make extra!

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