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  1. Be A Baller This Holiday Season

    Be A Baller This Holiday Season

    Specialty beers are Odd Side’s speciality. Thirsty for something different, we shipped up eleven freshly dumped handpicked Knob Creek bourbon barrels to Odd Side and quickly got to work designing a pair of stouts.

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  2. Gold Medal Greatness - Tasting Barrels At Odd Side Ales

    Gold Medal Greatness - Tasting Barrels At Odd Side Ales

    In 2017 Odd Side Ales took home Gold in the Specialty Ale category at GABF for their Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale. In 2019 they did it again, this time for Rye Hipster Brunch Stout, a treasured release that took Silver in 2017. When Odd Side invited us up to Grand Haven to taste through this year’s barrels, we jumped at the chance. Odd Side Ales’ barrel aging room is quite a sight to see. In this massive, climate-controlled space, a variety of barrels lay resting peacefully - bourbon, rye, tequila, rum, wine… but on this particular visit we had our eyes on the rye.

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  3. A Wild Collaboration Introducing Paw² Prints

    A Wild Collaboration Introducing Paw² Prints

    To celebrate our 70th Anniversary, we headed to Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks facility, home to their award winning wild and sour ales. Our goal - to blend California terroir with a tropical treasure of the Midwest, the paw paw fruit. We’re proud to announce the arrival of this collaborative project, Paw² Prints. This blend of young and old barrel aged wild ale bursts with tropical aromas and flavors. A refreshingly complex ale - that showcases the rarely recognized, yet perplexingly delicious paw paw.

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  4. Ballast Point Chicago

    Ballast Point Chicago

    If you’ve been to one of Ballast Point’s locations out in San Diego, you know they have always been big on R&D. After a recent visit to their Chicago location, we’re happy to report that research and development is alive and well at this captivating new space in Fulton Market. Their extensive and well curated draft list allows imbibers to sample beer from the brewhouse in Miramar, the several satellite locations throughout San Diego, along with beer brewed right here in Chicago.

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  5. National IPA Day 2018

    National IPA Day 2018

    In the world of craft beer, IPA is king. At last year’s Great American Beer Festival, the number of American-Style IPA submissions dwarfed all others at 408 entries! A Chicagoland brewery took home gold BTW… Today we celebrate India Pale Ale – a once nearly forgotten British style that America made its own. From soft and hazy NEIPA, to bracingly bitter West Coast DIPAs, this forever evolving style comes in many shapes and sizes. The Binny’s Beer team tastes its way through a sea of IPA - here are a few of our favorites.


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  6. New and Exciting IPAs

    New and Exciting IPAs

    The relentless wave of IPAs keeps rolling in. Session, Sour, Double, Hazy, New England, Milkshake… we make sense of all the haze and call out our favorites. This week we’re excited to announce the return of a local classic, along with two fresh new faces.

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  7. Binny's x Pollyanna Brewing Company Collaboration: Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Fun Size

    Binny's x Pollyanna Brewing Company Collaboration: Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Fun Size

    When you hear Fun Size, candy comes to mind, but unlike so many other dessert inspired stouts, the Fun Size lineup is not cloyingly sweet. The adept balance of roasted malts, salt and lactose results in paradoxically drinkable decadence. We fell in love with Fun Size at first taste and its ramped up imperial cousin left us speechless. Eager for a glimpse at the magic behind this remarkable beer, we took a trip to Pollyanna to brew a batch.

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  8. Binny's x Noon Whistle Collaboration: G'Day Gummy

    Binny's x Noon Whistle Collaboration: G'Day Gummy

    Noon Whistle is a remarkably open place. From propped doors and windows, to a wide-open brew house, a visit to their Lombard location is an unobscured look at the laborious world of brewing. Chat with brewmaster Paul Kreiner and it becomes clear it’s a labor of love, with late hours spent brewing batches for a burgeoning local fanbase.

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  9. Fresh From Odd Side Ales - Binny's Dank Juice!

    Fresh From Odd Side Ales - Binny's Dank Juice!
    Odd Side Ales Dank Juice series is easy to love. Hugely aromatic, super soft and juicy, with a creamy fruit filled finish - when it comes to New England style IPA, these Midwesterners have it dialed in. It's hard to pick a favorite, but Mosaic Dry Hopped Dank Juice is right near the top. With that in mind, Odd Side Ales crafted this special edition.  
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  10. Cigar City Beer and Cigar Pairings

    Amidst the sea of choices on the shelf today, you may be asking yourself - what’s so special about Cigar City? In a word - proficiency. They can fill a fermenter with one of the most complex imperial stouts you’ll ever taste, yet at the same time produce an impeccably balanced and refreshing pale ale.   Also of note, is their ability to imbue Floridian culture into their distinctive lineup of beer. Tampa is a city built by tobacco, and with cigar manufacturing came a diverse influx of immigrants who built a vibrant community around them. With the help of Binny’s Cigar Consultant Jen, we’ve selected some cigars to enjoy alongside a freshly poured Cigar City.  

    Cigar City cigar pairings

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