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  1. Barrel to Bottle: Lo-Cal Beers

    Barrel to Bottle: Lo-Cal Beers
    If you're not quite ready to commit to Dry January, how about Lo-Cal January? Specifically, low calorie beer options that still taste good. Roger has assembled 9 flavor-packed beers, ciders and hard waters from some well-known breweries, plus one surprising stalwart that has been making low-calorie, flavorful beer for decades. Plus, listener questions are back and this week we've got a controversial topic: aging whiskey in small barrels. 

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  2. Barrel to Bottle: Bordeaux Basics

    Barrel to Bottle: Bordeaux Basics
    This week the Barrel to Bottle team covers the basics of the world's most prestigious region: Bordeaux! Doug Jeffirs, Director of Wine Sales for Binny's, joins the team to help demystify the topic and cover a few wines that provide excellent value. They're also discussing one of the best wine tasting events of the year, the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux on January 22nd at the Drake Hotel. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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  3. Barrel to Bottle: Dry January

    Barrel to Bottle: Dry January

    Are you doing Drynuary? Dry January? Non-Alc New Year? Whatever you call it, there are many reasons our customers seek out non-alcoholic offerings. Non-alcoholic beers have been around for several decades, but now craft breweries have begun producing them in addition to the old stalwarts. Roger's offerings run the gamut from old stalwarts to new craft offerings. Meanwhile, Pat has a whole new category for the Barrel to Bottle crew to sample, whiskey and gin alternatives. 

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  4. Barrel to Bottle: Louis Martini

    Barrel to Bottle: Louis Martini

    Michael Eddy is the first winemaker at Louis Martini that doesn't share a last name with winery's founder. In his tenure with Louis Martini, Michael has witnessed a huge transition for this legacy brand. He's been presented with the unique challenge of growing the winery and moving it in new directions, while also maintaining the standards wine drinkers have come to expect. 

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  5. Barrel to Bottle: Redemption

    Barrel to Bottle: Redemption

    It's a special Whiskey Hotline edition of Barrel to Bottle with David Carpenter of Redemption Whiskey. As the master blender, David likes to focus on the grains because they're the star of the show. David is also master blender for Bib & Tucker, a Tennessee whiskey brand that focuses more on the barrel than the grain. Finally, the Barrel to Bottle crew heads north of the border to try some 100% rye Canadian whisky, but it's not your typical Canadian whisky. Don't forget to check out our Redemption Handpicks, which are still available in limited quantities. 

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  6. Barrel to Bottle: Holiday Beers

    Barrel to Bottle: Holiday Beers

    Tis the season for malty, spicy beers with a little extra kick to them. Just don't call them old man beers. Roger has brought the good stuff; from longtime classics to new takes on the holiday style. From Germany to California and everywhere in between, Happy Holidays from the Barrel to Bottle Crew. 

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  7. Barrel to Bottle: Champagne and Other Bubbly

    Barrel to Bottle: Champagne and Other Bubbly

    The last time Bob Calamia stopped by the Barrel to Bottle studio, it was to talk about something he loves but doesn't know, amaro. Now he's here to talk about something he both knows and loves: Champagne and bubbly. The holidays are a perfect time to have Binny's longtime Champagne buyer on the podcast. Although we here at Barrel to Bottle feel that every time of year is a good time for Champagne. Plus, we'll teach you how to taste and how to find what you like. Pop the cork on this vintage dated episode. 

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  8. Barrel to Bottle: Fortified Wines Part 1 - Madeira

    Barrel to Bottle: Fortified Wines Part 1 - Madeira

    Fortified wine, it's not just for grandma's post-dinner drink. Binny's Wine Educator Alicia Barrett joins the Barrel to Bottle to Crew this week to share her passion for fortified wines, particularly Madeira. Roger loves Madeira too and he is very eager to discuss it. So what is it? Why should you drink it? Where does it come from? All your questions will be answered on this week's Barrel to Bottle.

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  9. Barrel to Bottle: CH Distillery

    Barrel to Bottle: CH Distillery

    CH Distillery has arguably the widest ranging portfolio in the Midwest. At CH, they can only serve what they make, which has presented unique challenges but also allowed them to offer an incredible breadth of spirits. Owner and distiller Tremaine Atkinson was good enough to bring some spirits for the Barrel to Bottle crew to sample. Most importantly, CH is now the shepherd of Malört, favorite child of the Barrel to Bottle podcast. They're trying all sorts of new things with Malört, including barrel-aging. But can it live up (down?) to the Malört legacy? 


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  10. Barrel to Bottle: Your Gummy Hop Showcase

    Barrel to Bottle: Your Gummy Hop Showcase

    Your Gummy, our exciting new collaboration with Noon Whistle Brewing Company is finally here! Earlier this fall, we asked our customers to select three hops to use in this New England-style IPA. The people spoke and selected Citra, Mosaic and Lemondrop. Roger selected a few beers that highlight the individual hops and brought in hop samples for us to waft and quaff. Plus, stick around for a very relevant customer question about fresh hops vs. wet hops.

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