Last night I drank a cuvee. Some leftover bottles were abandoned by a salesperson who was presumably looking to lighten his load. I ended up with two, both 2006 Brunellodi Montalcino, and both just less than half a bottle. So I mixed them.

   I reheated some leftover gnoochi, parked myself on a second-hand sofa and watched a rerun on TV.

   That was a fib. It was actually a DVD of a long-cancelled sticom.

   Yes, you can do that, mix wines. Why not? The wine snob police will not come after you. This is what wine makers do they mix wines up to see what happens and then bottle the results.

   I remember working for a guy who would round up the bottles after big tastings and mix the remnants to enjoy that night or the next day. He pointed out that wine lasts longer ifthere's less air in the bottle. He would let me take one from time to time. At first the concept shocked me, but now I don't really see what the big deal is.

   Discovery makes tasting wine fun; finding all the facets and complexities that make each wine unique. Sure, mixing wines together pretty much ruins that. But that doesn't mean the wine that paired so well with my gnooci last night was any less delicious.