Wiseacre founders Davin and Kellen Bartosch know beer. Their combined journeys to study and perfect their knowledge of beer and brewing has taken them across the US and abroad, including a lengthy stint right here in the Windy City. After returning home to Memphis, they opened Wiseacre Brewing Company, but until now we’ve only seen a smattering of their tasty bombers make it to Chicago. Well we’re happy to report that Wiseacre is taking care of business pumping out sixers; and for that we say thank you, thank you very much.  

Wiseacre Brewing Cans


Wiseacre Gotta Get Up To Get Down

Roasty and sweet on the nose, this smooth and creamy stout is all about the coffee. Made with a unique type of Ethiopian coffee, it earthy and fruity with hints of cocoa. Very light in body it finishes with just a slight touch of sweetness.  

Wiseacre Tiny Bomb

Wiseacre’s European brewing tutelage shows in this impeccably clean pilsner. Mt Hood hops impart aromas reminiscent of classic noble hops, and Tiny Bomb explodes with spicy herbaceousness. Light, crisp and clean this is a refreshing pils with a bittersweet finish.  

Wiseacre Ananda

Bright and floral on the nose, Ananda is a light bodied and refreshing IPA brimming with citrus and pine. Brewed with wheat, it has a creamy body and piney finish.  

Wiseacre Oktoberfest

Much like their Pilsner, this German classic is artfully brewed with malt richness taking center stage. The unconventional addition of Bravo hops is a pleasant twist on the style, providing solid balance and a slightly floral and herbaceous finish.