Wines for Mother’s Day & Summer Brunches

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and sunny days and warmer weather are almost here. Meaning its primetime for summer brunching and for savoring a glass of wine! A sparkling wine is a classic choice for brunch, but don’t forget that there’s a world of wine out there and numerous options for the adventurous enthusiast. Below are some of our favorite brunch wines, both sparking and still, to enjoy on Mother’s Day or while brunching with friends throughout the summer months!

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Photo.jpg

Sparkling wines are all about fun, making it an absolute must for brunching with family and friends. It’s also among the most versatile wines to serve with food, even brunch fare. Its mouthwatering, palate cleansing acidity makes it the ideal aperitif as well as an outstanding wine that plays well with numerous brunch dishes - especially dishes where eggs play a leading role. Omelets, frittatas, eggs benedicts - all of these classic brunch dishes can be rich, demanding a blanc de blancs or Prosecco to refresh the palate. And trust us when we say pairing a glass of sparkling wine with fried chicken and waffles is a match made in heaven!

Moscato d’Asti or Brachetto d'Acqui

Brachetto Photo.jpg

Fluffy pancakes topped with fresh berries are a brunch classic and demand a wine suitable for the task. Berries are both fruity and tart,and require a wine that echoes those qualities. Both Moscato d’Asti or a Brachetto d'Acqui are fruit-driven and off-dry, and will shine with pancakes or waffles topped with strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. A Brachetto will also make an excellent companion for pancakes drizzled with a chocolate sauce.



Rose Photo.jpg

No wine says sunny days and warm weather more than roses! Tasting of tangerines, strawberries, and cherries accented with a leafy savor, a glass of rose is summer in a glass. And makes for a wonderful wine to enjoy on its own AND with food. Its fruit forward flavors, savory hints, and refreshing acidity make it a versatile wine that you can enjoy with pancakes topped with berries, with smoked salmon and bagels, and even with a Denver omelet or any other meaty omelet or skillet.

A Crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Chablis

Sauv Photo.jpg

Savory and citrus-driven, with a crisp texture and a mouthwatering mineral accented finish - sauvignon blancs and cool-climate chardonnays, like sparkling wines, are palate cleansers that will shine with numerous egg dishes. Sauvignon blancs are also one of the few wines that shine with asparagus and artichokes, spring vegetables notorious for not playing well with wine. And sauvignon blancs play especially well with smoked salmon and bagels.


Gamay and Pinot Noir

Pinot Photo.jpg

Gamay based wines like Beaujolais are all about upfront fruit flavors and round textures, making them easy going wines that pair with numerous brunch dishes. Their red fruit flavors and mouth watering acidity make them a natural foil to the rich and distinctive flavors of smoked salmon. And the smoky sweet flavors of ham are practically screaming for a glass of pinot noir or Beaujolais. And I wouldn’t serve any other wine than a pinot or gamay with a mushroom quiche.



Tempra Photo.jpg

Tempranillo you say? That’s right! A young tempranillo wine from Rioja is not only bursting with red fruit flavors, but also has a touch of earthy tobacco savor, a refreshing acidity, and just a touch of tannins. Making it a wonderful red to serve with a Denver omelet (or other meaty omelet) or with a breakfast burrito. Tempranillo also plays well with meaty breakfast skillets. And a Spanish omelet demands a young Rioja!