A small group from Binny’s visited Bordeaux. They tasted samples of the 2013 vintage, with stops at both chateaux and negociants. Find previous reports here. Steve is back with more:  

Chateau Pichon Baron

  Day three starts with an appointment at Pichon Baron to taste and have lunch. We also have the distinct pleasure to taste with the winemaker, and to tour this lush and iconic chateau. Just check it out:  

Inside Pichon Baron
Inside Pichon Baron
Inside Pichon Baron

    Chateau Pibran expresses soft crushed red fruit and floral notes in a bright, light elegant style. The Tourelles de Longueville offers more dark cherry fruit with some light graphite and cocoa notes. Pichon Baron is much darker in color and flavor, with plum an black cherry fruit, violet and oak notes backed by medium tannins and lingering dark berry flavors. All of these reds are somewhat restrained without the aggressive tannins that you would expect from this house. The more elegant style keeps the flavors fresh, an approach that I see as proactive for a difficult year. In other words, use what you have, and don't try to force nature.    

Wonderful Sweet Whites

  We also taste a few 2013 Sauternes. Due to the short growing season and cool rainy weather that arrived before all the houses would have liked, botrytis set in. Of course, the red wine wants nothing to do with it, but botrytis is welcomed by the sweet white lovers in Sauternes. Word on the street is the 2013 vintage, much like 2007 (a similar growing season) was prime for producing premium Sauternes. 2007 was one of the best vintages for these wines in recent history.   Castelnau Suduiraut is fabulous, offering lush flavors of honeyed pear, creamy lemon custard, a nice whiff of pineapple and finishing with carmel apple. Chateau Suduiraut is even better, exhibiting the same flavors with more provocative richness. Very nice indeed.  

Bordeaux Vines   We'll wrap it up tomorrow...