Get ready... we're giving you more reasons to drink wine! You're welcome.

Materials needed: Yarn (the thicker the better!) Hot glue gun

To get the labels off, soak the wine bottles in hot water and dish detergent soap for about a half hour. They will begin to peel on their own, but the help of a razor blade can't hurt.


Start with hot gluing the end of the yarn to the bottom of the bottle.

Start wrapping! Apply hot glue every couple of strands to keep it in place.

When you get to the narrow part of the bottle, it gets a bit tricky. The yarn will continue to slide up. It's safe to apply hot glue where and when you feel you need it.

When you get to the top, wrap a second layer back down the bottle. Just make sure you're doing a consistent layer until the bottom. You shouldn't need any glue along the way.

When you reach the bottom, dab a small amount of glue and hold in place until dry.


Project complete! Enjoy your new vase, center piece, or whatever you may choose to do with it! As always... continue drinking your wine. =)