A question we hear often: "My friend loves whiskey. What should I get him?" The answer, of course, is whiskey. But if you're looking for something more creative, here are the TOP TEN WHISKEY GIFTS from our own wishlist. For more whiskey favorites, check out the Whiskey Hotline.  

Whiskey Wishlist


#1 Whisky

But instead of a big bottle of the same old stuff, try a gift pack with multiple expressions! This is a great year for gift sets! We are running low on some of these, so call the Hotline soon. A few of our favorites are from:   $29.99 Binny's Price Stocking stuffer material for sure, the Glenmorangie set includes 100mL bottles of the Original 10 year and three 12 years: Quinta Ruban, La Santa and Nectar d'Or. Finished in Port, Sherry and Sauternes barrels respectively.   Compass Box reg. $49.99 $44.99 w/Binny's Card Compass Box is reinvigorating the very concept of Blended Malt Scotch. See what the excitement is about with this classy set of five 50mL vials representing the core line.   Bunnahabhain reg. $69.99 $64.99 w/Binny's Card Who doesn't like Bunnahabhain? Only people who haven't tried Bunnahabhain. See what this Isla star is all about with this set. Includes 200mL bottles of their 12 year old, the muscular Toiteach, and the impossible to find Darach Ur. Which is actually big news. A really cool gift set, plus it's adorable.    

#2 Whiskey + Timebarrel-age-12-4-2013

The Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit was a top seller last year, and we expect the same this year. Two bottles of straight-off-the-still white whiskey, a miniature barrel that you can use and reuse, plus glasses and instructions and stuff. Tell them to follow the instructions carefully – the tiny barrel means it ages in weeks instead of years.    

#3 Whiskey + WaterGlencairn-Crystal-Iona-Jug-12-6-2012

No matter the proof, a little water will open a spirit's aroma and reveal complexity. From the makers of our favorite whiskey glass, this classy Glencairn Crystal Tasting Set (29.99) includes two Glencairn glasses and a delicate carafe for your water.    

#4 Whiskey + Ice

Ice spheres! Why? Spheres mean less surface area, which means a ball of ice gets your cocktail cold with less melting and less watering down. The Original Whiskey Ball Ice Mold (9.99) lets you make ice balls the easy way. Give them a two pack, so they'll share the next time you're around.    

#5 Whiskey + Beer

For the beer lover who also loves whiskey: Beer Barrel Bourbon (29.99). Yep, that's bourbon finished for three months in barrels that formerly held Dragon's Milk. For the whiskey lover who also loves beer: Hatter Royale Hopquila (32.99) a grain wash that gets hopped after distillation, a deconstructed Mad Hatter IPA. Throw in a four pack of Dragon's Milk, and you'll be their favorite for sure.    

#6 Whiskey + Bittersbitters-12-4-2013

Bitters make the difference between an enjoyable drink and a seriously classic cocktail. But they can be expensive, and a single bottle can go a long way. Variety packs to the rescue! Our favorite might be this Bitter Truth Traveler's Set (19.99) which includes classic flavors for a steal. But you can't go wrong with sets from Bittercube (49.99) or Scrappy's (18.99) either. And the boxes they come in are easier to wrap than a bottle.    

#7 Whisky + Whiskeyardbeg-12-4-2013

Sure, it's fun to get a coffee mug or a flask or a little bottle sweater with your bottle this time of year, but our favorite holiday gift sets are the ones that come with an extra sample or two of whiskey. Ardbeg's Exploration Pack is pretty awesome. And Highland Park 12 this year comes with a 50mL of their amazing 18.    

#8 Keep a Lid on that Moonshine

Tired of struggling with unwieldy mason jars? Find it impossible to get your signature perfect pour from a container designed with fruit preserves in mind instead of 'shine? You're in need of the Posi-Pour Moonshine Spout (4.99). It makes pouring jarred spirits a breeze and keeps your bar spill-free. The perfect gift for the classiest of whiskey lovers.    

#9 Temptation + Redemptionredemption-12-4-2013

The trinity of Temptation, Redemption and a different kind of Redemption. That means a bottle of rye, one of bourbon, and one of high-rye bourbon. All three are delicious, plus the red, green and cream labels ($59.99) do look festive. A Hotline favorite two years running.    

#10 A Mean Mug

The Moscow Mule is back in a big way. To make this classic cocktail, you'll need vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and a copper mug. That's what makes it a Moscow Mule. Don't worry, we have you covered, with this classy, polished Copper Moscow Mule Mug (19.99).     For more gift ideas check out the Wine Hotline and our top ten gift accessories.