The faithful know it's that time again, time for the Great Brophstradamus to make his predictions for the spirits world in the coming year. How wise is Brophstradamus? We aren't sure, but his beard is legit. His predictions have been meticulously translated from the original quatrains by time, a secret decoder ring and Google. 2014 will bring more. More what?  


More Mason

Mason jars. "Whiskey" in mason jars, that is.  

More Hybrids

No, not cars. Whiskey. Is it bourbon with rye in it, or rye with bourbon in it? Was it an "accident" or months in the making? Who cares, as long as it's good?  

More Less

The Great BrophstradamusLarge spirits producers will imitate tiny beer producers, with marketable limited editions. Flavors, proofs, stickers, finishes, celebrity endorsements... whatever it takes to make it look unavailable.  

More Stout

Brett Pontoni will increase his average Guinness intake by .6 pints per week. But he will also bike more.  

More Miles

The Whiskey Hotline will continue to travel the world to bring you the best Handpicked barrels. We keep angling for a World Whiskey tour.  

More Hoosier

An ocean of new designer rye, suspiciously from places that aren't necessarily Indiana but might be.  

More 'Stache

The Chicago cocktail scene will continue to flourish, which is a good thing, but it will also cause a shift from handlebars to full-on mutton chops. Sleeve tattoos will overrun borders onto torsos and knuckles alike.  

More Flavor(s)

Sriracha vodka happened, people. All bets are off. So we're looking forward to more flavors: Chili dog. Ranch dressing. French onion soup. Wintergreen Kodiak. Doritos locos tacos. Durian. Cottage cheese. Salted asparagus. Copper.   For more of the Whiskey Hotline click here.