From barrel to glass, there’s no better way to tour America. Amber waves of grain indeed.  

Whiskey Tour Across America


A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A.D. Laws is taking bourbon to new heights in the Mile High city with this four grain recipe. This straight bourbon is robust and flavorful: grain forward with maple, boiled peanuts, and buckets of red fruit. Aged for a minimum of 3 years in 53 gallon barrels, this young distillery founded on July 4th 2011, now produces some of the finest bourbon in the country.  

Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

If commitment is an issue for you, try this adorable half bottle of Wyoming Whiskey. This sweet wheater is loaded with caramel, cake, and sweet grain on the nose. The palate has light vanilla, white frosting and sweet notes balanced by a pleasant leathery dryness and hints of white pepper spiciness. The finish has nice length for all the soft character of the palate with lingering vanilla notes sticking around for a while.  

Westland American Single Malt

Proving that America can make single malt whiskey just as good as the Scots. Distilled in Seattle, this malt is loaded with fruit and soft grain on the nose. Candied cherries and blood orange up front with mocha nuances and spice box hints unfurling with a swirl in the glass. The flavors on the nose persist throughout this truly American experience with caramel and vanilla taking more of a stand. Pleasantly intense with a long beautiful finish.  

Two James Catcher's Rye Whiskey

This Motor City masterpiece will have you kicking out the jams all night long. Distilled from 100% rye grown solely in Michigan, this is a rye drinker’s rye. Beautiful wintergreen and subtle licorice on the nose with a pleasantly round palate. The rye spice jumps on the taste with an addition of rich fruit. Finishes with dark fruit and wintergreen, rye spice notes.  

Clyde May's Special Reserve Alabama Style Whiskey Single Barrel #5236918 Binny's Handpicked

Alabama, a state known for football and Bbq, also offers a wonderful take on whisky. They add oven-dried apples to the barrel for an extra layer of flavor. This handpicked cask is 10 years old and bottled at 110 proof. Green apple skins, toffee, vanilla, and brown sugar on the nose. The palate shows round vanilla, corn, and toffee notes balanced with sweet apple flavors. Rich sugar and fruit linger with a pleasant black pepper spice.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!