First, a couple great events. For more info and to RSVP for either of these, call 312 768-4400.   Ian MaCallum of Glen Garioch is hosting a dinner at Binny's South Loop on October 2. Along with great whiskies from this classic Highland distillery, we'll enjoy barbeque from Lillie's Q.   compass-box-9-27-2013• Then, John Glazer of Compass Box is coming to Binny's South Loop on October 8 for a tasting of some of his industry-shaking vattings, including the stunning new Delilah's bottling, among others.   By the way, we got a limited amount of the stunning new Compass Box Delilah's Bottling. Super cool, Mike. Grab some soon, because not only does it support one of our favorite bars in Chicago, but it's a steal at this price.   New at Binny's, two gin expressions from our friends in Madison, Yahara Bay. Their gin is good, their barrel aged gin is even better.   You already know that California's St. George Spirits makes a delicious Dry Rye Gin. But did you know about the limited new barrel aged version? It's awesome.   We really like this new barrel aged gin trend.   What have you done for the Whiskey Hotline lately? One of our favorite customers from Ohio sent us a half gallon of Ohio maple syrup. Which we love almost as much as whiskey.   mcphail-set-9-27-2013• For collectors and gift-givers: check out this Gordon & Macphail Glenrothes 40 year old gift set. A great package at a solid price, considering what's in the bottle. And it comes with a glass!   Tempus Fugit is our go-to for imported, mixable liqueurs. Unlike other Fernet, their new Fernet Angelico does not taste like chewing tobacco and wintergreen gum. Another weird but delicious liqueur - Genepi Guillaumette. It's an Italian bitter liqueur with an herb sprig right in the bottle. Mixologists pair it with tequila, but that only hints at its versatility.   Cabrito! The little goat is back and cheaper than ever. >> Insert Chicago curse joke here. <<   forgiven-9-27-2013• Let's say you manage a big Kentucky distillery, and you find out that your crew screwed up by mixing a rare rye with a batch of bourbon. What do you do? If you're Eddie Russell, you taste it, fall in love with it, bottle it and sell it as Wild Turkey Forgiven.   How could Jura follow up their collectible '76 bottling? With '77 of course. Rich, creamy, full of depth. Spicy with hints of peat and pear, salt, malt. It is awesome. But it better be.   Did you hear about that Cleveland Whiskey? It harnesses the power of science to replicate the fine art of aging. That means it is aged quickly under pressure. Like a broasted chicken. Given that, it tastes a lot better than you imagine. Try it with a little water and it opens right up.   You know it's for real if they call it "Navy Strength." Check out Leopold's Navy Strength Gin. At 114 proof, it's a mixologist's dream.   chicken-cock-whiskey-9-27-2013• We made jokes about Chicken Cock in the past. We like to think we have grown since then. Cliff Geertz would have a field day.   Quincy Street Distillery is the newest kid on the Chicago spirits block. We have their White Lightning, which is fine, and their Old No. 176 Gin, which is fantastic. Gin with a corn whiskey base. We're looking forward to more, including a distilled mead.   In other gin news, check out Aviation American Gin. Yes, it gets its name from the classic cocktail. But it turns out it's good in a million other drinks, too. Less juniper, more botanicals and spices.   In other moonshine news, check out Short Mountain Shine. Along with some kind of hillbilly vodka, they make a great Apple Pie 'shine too.     Looking for more spirit news? Check out the Whiskey Hotline any time.