Roseisle Distillery
  First stop: Roseisle, the new Diageo monolith. This is either the largest or second largest distillery in Scotland, depending on whose marketing suits you want to believe. This place is gigantic. 13 million Liter capacity. Besides being large, it's a technological marvel, with the ability to pump out malt with any flavor profile, by manipulating mash times, ferment times, copper contact, and so on. Theoretically, they could produce all the malt needed to construct a Johnnie Walker blend. Despite its size, you malt fans shouldn't feel threatened - Diageo is also expanding most of their other distilleries in Speyside.  
Roseisle Maltings
  Next is Roseisle Maltings, which is so massive it can churn out  600 tonnes of malted barley in less than a week. This facility, plus the Ord and Brughead facilities, supply all the malt needed for Diageo's Speyside and Highland distilleries. Another interesting note, the Roseisle Maltings is 100% energy neutral for heating needs - meaning they use the waste from the malting process to fuel the facility.   Tasting Cardhu. Great stuff that makes up a component of Johnnie Black label. Tasting 15 and 18 year expressions that we can't get in the states.  
mmmmmmm... Cardhu.
Cardhu Stills
  Also, the famous double pagoda at Strathisla.  
Strathisla Pagoda