Casa Noble Tequila

  We fell in love with Casa Noble years ago, after tasting the tequila and meeting owner and distiller Pepe Hermosillo. This exceptional producer uses organic 100% blue agave, distills thoughtfully and ages in heavily toasted French oak. The careful combination of agave balanced by high quality oak is breathtaking – the same quality shared with world class whisky or Cognac.   The Whiskey Hotline traveled to Casa Noble in the town of Tequila to find the best. After exhaustive tasting, we returned with two barrels each of three expressions, picking pairs of barrels to ensure supply. Of course, there are always subtle differences across single barrels, but we chose duets that downplay differences, seeking similar barrels that overdeliver within their style.  

Casa Noble Barrel Room

  Casa Noble JovenCasa Noble Joven ... “Joven” can mean a lot of things, but in the case of our handpicked Joven, it means 50 days resting in oak. That's just shy of the two months required to be called reposado, but long enough for the oak to integrate, adding complexity to this juicy, spicy, bright spirit. By the way, this bottling offers the only way you can taste young Casa Noble at full barrel strength.   Casa Noble ReposadoCasa Noble Reposado ... We found unusually long-aged reposado barrels, examples of tequila that had aged within one week of a full year, just too young to be called anejo. The excellent French oak balances with the fresh agave beautifully. The soft, round, nutty vanilla character from wood aging softens the bright spice and citrus of the fresh spirit.   Casa Noble AnejoCasa Noble Anejo

... A rarity. Legally, our handpicked Casa Noble Anejo qualifies as extra anejo, with five years of aging in barrel, an age very little tequila ever sees. Rich and viscous, this stunning spirit offers notes of chocolate, dried fruit and tobacco – tequila that matches the intensity and complexity of some of the world's finer whisky.  





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