Whiner is the latest craft brewer to make waves amidst a sea of new Chicago breweries. While new to the market, founders Brian Taylor and Ria Neri bring years of industry experience to the table. Housed in an ecofriendly business co-op called The Plant in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood, Whiner’s inaugural brews speak to craft drinkers burgeoning interest in tart, funky and sour Belgian style ales. Offered in creative packaging with equally artful contents, this is a promising start that has us anxious to see what Whiner has in store for us in the future.  

Whiner Beer Company


Whiner Le Tub

Le Tub is not your average saison. Looking to add some funky sour complexity, Whiner embraced the time honored Belgian tradition of blending in order to create a highly aromatic and spicy saison that’s tart but not over the top sour. The barrel aged portion imparts some lactic tartness while Brett imparts tropical and citrus flavors that pair well with fruity Amarillo hops.  

Whiner Rubrique A Brac

Sweet, funky and earthy, Rubrique A Brac is an interesting riff on a Biere de Garde. Amber in color, this interpretation is all about the Brettanomyces, producing barnyard funk and uniquely fruity aromas. Dry hopped with a newer hop variety called Hull Melon, this farmhouse ale has notes of crackery malt and a floral finish.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!