What The Hell Does That Taste Like? Barrel to Bottle Answers the World's Oldest Question

What The Hell Does That Taste Like? Answering the World's Oldest Question

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What the Hell Does That Taste Like pt. 2

Because Pat is Pat, we had to turn What Does That Taste Like vol. 3 into a two-parter. You can check out part one below. For part two, Pat has brought a wide range of spirits from all over the world.

What the hell do these taste like? Find out!

What the Hell Does That Taste Like pt. 1

It’s time once again to answer the world’s oldest question, “What the Hell Does That Taste Like?” Have you ever seen a bottle of some wine, beer or spirit at Binny's and wondered what it is? This is the episode for you. And because Pat can’t help himself, this ended up being a two parter.

Roger has brought a slew of doppelbocks to irritate Greg and Pat, and also because we have moved beyond the idea of tasting gross stuff for these episodes. What’s behind the recent surge in doppelbocks? Is it possible people are getting tired of hazies and pastry bois? Have breweries run out of adjuncts to add to beer? Could it be that people want to try different beer styles, including old world styles?

Roger’s Beers:

  • Weihenstephaner Vitus – This is weizen, and a doppel and a helles. That means it’s a wheat double on the lighter side as far as doppelbocks go. It’s a hefty 7.7% but it’s very easy to drink.
  • WarPigs Divine Huntress – One reason doppelbocks are taking off is because they do have the kind of flavors you might find in adjuncted craft styles, without the adjuncts. There’s sweetness and banana in here, without anything extra added in.
  • Weihenstephaner Korbinian – Weinhenstephaner is the gold standard for many classic beer styles, including their doppelbock.
  • Maplewood Silver Morning Winter Lager – They’re calling this a winter lager, but it’s a doppelbock. It’s well-fermented, so not a lot of residual sugar. It’s also another one that goes down very easily.

Chris has brought some wines from unsung regions as well as a special treat for his boys who love fortified wines.

Chris’ Wines:

  • Pardevalles Albarin 2021 – If you didn’t know, you might think this was a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Albarin is indigenous to this one area of Spain and not grown many other places. People might think it’s Albariño because it’s one letter off, but it’s a totally different grape. This would pair great with fresh cheese and seafood.
  • Zlatan Otok Pošip 2021 – This wine comes from an island off the Dalmatian coast, in Croatia. Pošip is a varietal native to Croatia. This would also go great with seafood.
  • Pilizota Winery Babić 2016 – Staying in Croatia, but now a red wine. It’s a little funky, like Brettanomyces/horse blanket/barnyard. If you like Belgian beers, you might be into this one.
  • Stone Hill Norton – From the exotic, beautiful Dalmatian coast to…Northern Missouri. This winery has been around since 1847 and Missouri at one point grew the most grapes in the US. The Norton grape is a French-American hybrid.
  • Terrassous Hors d’Age 12 Ans Rivesaltes ­– Rivesaltes is one of several semi-obscure French fortified wines. It’s fully oxidized which means you can open it and it’ll keep forever. It’s also aged 12 years and it’s only $29.99!

That’s it for beer and wine. Join us next week for part two, What the Hell Does That Taste Like? Spirits.

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