And Binny's Members know how to cash in! It's called Weekend at Binny's and you'll want to be a part of it. Every Weekend, Every Binny's (except where space or menacing beverage commissions prevent it!) our Wine Managers will treat you to a few of their faves! Stop in every Friday (5-8) or Sat (1-4). One time could be to Discover Dry Rose, another time may be 6 new entries in the red-hot Malbec category. They're Fun, Informative, and almost always Free!

The Weekend at Binny's September Showcase is the Rhone Valley. Maybe you've heard about it. Some say 2007 is the best vintage in 30 years, but did you know they're on an unprecedented string of great vintages?? You have to go back to 2002 to find a sub-par year for the Rhone Valley. Stop in any Binny's on Sept 5 and Sept 26, you'll get to try 5 new releases and find out why they're so great for what you spend. You will be thrilled with the quality and price!

But maybe you want to get more in depth with your events. You can Rediscover Rioja at a Binny's near you. 25 wines in each will focus exclusively on this renowned region. Put their tradition of quality together with modern winemaking techniques, and you find out why Rioja is still the gem of the Spanish wine industry.




Thirsty for more? Check back to Binny' often. 

Have a tasting idea? Something you'd like to done at your Binny's? Let us know what you're thinking!