With week one of the international craft beer extravaganza coming to an end on June 9th, our focus on German and Austrian brews will shift to the beers of the United Kingdom starting on June 10th. If you have been contemplating getting that Scottish, English, or Irish Ale, now is the ideal occasion as over a hundred beers from the United Kingdom will see colossal price cuts. As with the previous week, wed like to offer our ideas on "must haves," that is beers that we think are to delicious to pass up at the economical price they will be at for the next week. Without further ado, here is our list of "must haves" for week two of international craft beer month.  

  SkullSplitter - Brewed in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, SkullSplitter sits atop our list of the best Scotch Ales. The sweet malts followed by earthiness and hints of caramel are to die for. The 8.5% ABV is deceptively high, and well hidden behind the brilliant flavors of SkullSplitter. Available in 4- packs and single bottles, both 11.2 oz.   Youngs Double Chocolate Stout - Perhaps the number one chocolate beer, this one has a dominant chocolate flavor but also contains a charming balance due the coffee and sweet malt undertones. If you have a pessimistic opinion on chocolate beers, this English offering is sure to change your mind. Available in 14.9 oz 4- pack cans, and 16.9 oz bottles.   Meantime India Pale Ale Citrusy, floral, hoppy, spicy, earthy, and everything you could ask for in an English IPA. Has a solid balance of malt just as the style warrants. Available in 750 ml bottles.   OHaras Irish Stout Brewed in Ireland using indigenous malt and hops, OHaras Irish Stout is true to the Irish dry stout style. That being said, it is also scrumptious and will make anyone Irish for a day. Available in 4-pack bottles.   These are just four of the one hundred plus United Kingdom craft brews that are going to be on sale for the next week. International renowned breweries like Samuel Smith and Belhaven are always a solid choice, no matter what style you decide to go with. Will you be enjoying a taste of the U.K. this week?