Southern Tier Brewing Co. is fine-tuning their seasonal lineup.  Instead of bringing back Ubersun, the imperial wheat beer that many have enjoyed for several summers, Southern Tier has released Farmers Tan.  Farmers Tan is an imperial pale lager, released in a bottle featuring a rooster with a sunburned face, wings, and legs.


The most noticeable thing about this brew is the bitternessit is heavily hopped with earthy and piney characteristics.  A biscuit malt backbone provides balance, and lemon zest and citrus flavors round the beer out.  The alcohol is barely noticeable at 9% ABV.


It is sad to see Ubersun goit was a delicious brewbut for some reason didnt have the popularity that we think Farmers Tan will.  Are you excited about the introduction or Farmers Tan or sad to see Ubersun go?