Free Rioja Tastings at all Binny’s Locations

Saturday, November 23rd 1-4pm

  What other world-class region releases its wines only when they are ready to drink? Rioja represents exceptional value, especially in times when both quality and value are more important than ever.   Wines from Rioja are considered the best food wines by top chefs. They provide the best of both new and old world styles: balanced and elegant with lower alcohol levels you find in top European wines together with fruit-forward roundness of more modern wines.   Wines for every occasion, every food, every palate and price, Rioja offers robust reds, crisp whites and refreshing roses - all ready to drink when purchased. Join us to try some of our favorites and discover how versatile and value driven the wines of Rioja really are!  

  WINE TYPES: CLASSIFICATIONS AND SEALS OF AUTHENTICITY   Rioja wines are easily identifiable as every bottle has a DOCa seal. What is a DOCa seal?   The “Denominación de Origen Calificada” seal ensures that the wine you enjoy meets the requirements needed to be a true Rioja wine. Think of it as a seal of quality and authenticity. Rioja wines are classified based on aging in oak barrels and bottles.     REDS   Cosecha Guarantees the DOC Rioja origin and vintage of the wine. Generally speaking, these are young red wines, though they can also be whites or rosés. This label is also used in a minority of wines which don’t suit the Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva categories.   Crianza Describes wines that have been aged one year in cask and one year in bottle. Prices generally range from $10 to $20. Crianza wines are usually the “wines of choice” for most Riojans on a daily basis. Its strong Tempranillo character and overtones of cherry makes this wine excellent for pairing with any food.   Reserva Describes wines that have been aged one year in cask and two in bottle. Prices generally range from $14 to $40. Reserva wines are known for their deep and complex flavors – from hints of vanilla to cherries and wild berries. Exceptional when paired with grilled foods and game.   Gran Reserva Describes wines that have been aged two years in cask and three in bottle. Prices range from $18 and up. Gran Reserva wines are exquisite and, needless to say, only exceptional vintages can make such a wine. Known for their intense depth, these wines offer the palate hints of cedar and wild berries.     WHITES AND ROSÉS   Crianza Aged for at least six months in oak barrel.   Reserva Aged for a minimum of two years, of which at least six months are aged in oak barrels.   Gran Reserva Rare wines only made in exceptional vintages and aged for at least four years, including one year or more in oak barrels.