If you're into Bordeaux, or even wine in general, you probably already know how awesome the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux event is, and you don't need me to sell it to you. Go order your tickets now! If you are interested in reading more about the event, check out this post on the Binny's Blog. I use too many words and try to get poetic, but it's pretty clear how exciting the UGC tasting is.


UGC 2009 Bordeaux Tasting

Presented by Binny's Beverage Depot

Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers

Thursday, January 26th, 6-8p


   For the uninitiated, what they do is this: a bunch of Chateaux from Bordeaux (over 100 this year?) showcase their wines, all from a recent vintage. That includes reds, whites, and the amazing sweet wines of Sauternes and Barsac. This year they're showcasing the highly lauded 2009 vintage. 

   So what you have is a collection of amazing wines plus the chance to talk to knowledgable representatives (including estate owners), all in a posh environment surrounded by other wine enthusiasts. Don't miss this chance - tickets will sell out early. Follow this link to see participating chateaux, to see FAQ, and to order tickets. You can also stop by your favorite Binny's Beverage Depot to get tickets, but online ordering is easier.

   Any other questions? Post them in the comments below. See you there!