Uinta Brewing Company is the latest in a growing line of breweries to debut at Binny's.  Uinta became the first Utah based brewery on our shelves when it arrived at our stores this week, seventeen years since their inaugural batch of beer was brewed in the garage of a Utah mechanic.  Uinta has sent us the following beers:  Detour Double IPA, Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner, Cockeyed Cooper Barleywine, and Labyrinth Black Ale.

What is interesting about the four beers on our shelves from Uinta is not a single one of them is part of their everyday lineup.  Furthermore, not one of the four beers they sent us are even listed or described on Uinta's website, while sixteen other beers are represented.  One of the other newest breweries on our shelves, Grand Teton, recently used the same strategy.   Perhaps Uinta and Grand Teton are aiming for a memorable first impression.

If the aforementioned beers from Uinta are not already acquirable at your local Binny's, they should be by next week.  You may want to act soon, as these beers will not be around forever.  Have you tried any of the Uinta brews yet?