I have great news for all of you beer connoisseurs. Another highly acclaimed brewery, Tyranena Brewing, is en route to Illinois. Our cheese head neighbors to the north have been enjoying Tyranena brewing, located Lake Mills, Wisconsin, for almost ten years. I have confirmed that at least four of Tyranena's beers should hit just about every Binny's in the coming weeks. They are as follows:     Headless Man This one is an altbier, which is an old German style. The cold lagering process used for this beer will give it a smooth taste.   Rocky's Revenge A portion of this 6% ABV American brown ale is aged in bourbon barrels.   Scurvy IPA Tyranena's early summer seasonal offering, Scurvy is an IPA brewed with orange peels.   Bitter Woman IPA - A very bitter, hoppy, and highly toted IPA.     Tyranena is the latest of a wave of breweries that have recently dipped their feet into the Illinois market. We can only hope that other breweries, such as Stone, follow suit. What breweries do you most want to see come into the Chicago market? My vote goes to Russian River brewing out of California, and Troegs Brewing from Pennsylvania. How about you?   **Note:  Tyranena is only at a few Binny's at the moment, but should be available at all of them soon.  Please contact your local Binny's for availability.