Tyranena has released several seasonal beers as well as beers in their Brewers Gone Wild series since the brewery made their Illinois debut back in May. What they havent given us, until now, is another year round beer. Down N Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout was unveiled last week, and it looks as if this is the first year round beer introduced from Tyranena since the inaugural four.


The aroma of Down N Dirty is filled with big roasted malts and coffee, as well as hints of chocolate and hops. Down N Dirtys flavor is a superb balance of roasted malt, oatmeal, dark chocolate, coffee, and alcohol. None of these flavors are overpowering, and are all ideally represented. Background flavors include hints of dark fruit and vanilla. The hops make themselves known on the intensely bitter finish.


If you looked up oatmeal stout in the dictionary, there might as well be a picture of Down N Dirty. Tyranena continues to impress us with not only Down N Dirty, but with their entire beer lineup. They simply havent given us anything short of delicious. Are you as impressed with Tyranena as we are?