Bell's Two Hearted Ale hit Binny's shelves in Illinois for the first time in over two years last week, and beer lovers all over the state rejoiced. Looks like the hop shortage may finally be coming to an end, as Bell's was able to get their hands on some surplus hops and finally brew up enough Two Hearted Ale to satisfy the Land of Lincoln.   I love a citrusy IPA, and this one scores. It is hoppy with a solid malt backbone, resulting in a well balanced beer that is easy on the palate. It is one of the best IPA's available in the world, period. There isn't much else I can say about Two Hearted Ale that hasn't already been said by legions of beer enthusiasts.   I am wondering if there are mixed reviews on Two Hearted Ale reappearing in Illinois. Sure, everyone is chipper that it is back, but aren't people agitated that Bell's abandoned Illinois in the first place? Bell's made some beers under the Kalamazoo label for us Illinoisans, which were admirable, but not in the same league as beers like Two Hearted Ale. So Bell's had their distributor debacle, I understand that. But was it really the right decision for Bell's to remove their beers from Illinois in the first place, causing beer lovers here to suffer for two plus years?