This week, local brewery Two Brothers is releasing their first beer in cans.  Two brothers enters the canned beer market with Outlaw IPA, a year round addition to their lineup that previously featured only bottles. Here is a little tidbit from the Brewery's press release: Excited for the new opportunities that cans will bring, Co-Founder Jason Ebel says, “I look forward to enjoying Outlaw™ on the golf course and while fishing this summer. Cans are a convenient package to take just about anywhere with you.” The can reads, “As bold as the name suggests but as friendly as the masked man, comes our first adventure into the world of cans. This IPA is full of citrus and pine hop character and aroma. The hop flavors play off the pleasant malt complexity like a good sidekick.”   Also now available is the next offering in Two Brothers 15th Anniversary beer series 15 Beers for 15 Years.  Dark Mild Ale was the second beer Two Brothers ever brewed, although it was never given a real name and never bottled because Two Brothers did not own a bottling line when it was first brewed in 1997.  From the bottle:  “This dark sessionable ale was a favorite of brewers, however not understood in craft beer's infancy 15 years ago.  We think now craft drinkers will get it.”  Dark Mild Ale clocks in at 3.2% ABV.