Three years ago in the spring of 2009, Two Brothers released Red Eye Coffee Porter, the best beer they have ever brewed. Red Eye Coffee Porter flew off the shelves due not only to its deliciousness, but its economical price.  Two Brothers brewed it once more in the fall of 2009 for the final time, even though beer lovers couldn't seem to get enough..  


To commemorate their 15th anniversary, Two Brothers has decided to resurrect 15 archived recipes throughout 2012, starting with the best beer they have ever brewed on March 27th.


With the amount of popularity and hype surrounding Red Eye Coffee Porter, it is almost boggling that Two Brothers hasn't yet added it to their everyday lineup. Two Brothers has acknowledged this: has easily become the most requested beer for us to bring back (like almost every day).  Binny's was guilty of adding fuel to the fire of the hype train when we put Red Eye in our Top 10 Beers, one of our inaugural blog posts.  


While the announcement that Two Brothers is bringing Red Eye back is nice, it will still probably do little to appease the beer geeks since Two Brothers announcement makes it seem like it will be brewed this one last time and never again.


Do you think Red Eye Coffee Porter is the best beer Two Brothers has ever brewed?