Two Brothers retro release #4 out of #15 is now available at Binny's. Pillar of Salt is the latest in the Two Brothers 15th Anniversary Beer Series, celebrating 15 years of brewing by releasing 15 different beers from the depths of their storied brewing past.   Just like the previous beers of the popular series, Pillar of Salt is a limited release. We expect it to sell out quickly, and to possibly never be bottled ever again. The third version of probably their tastiest year round brew, Cane & Ebel, sounds pretty interesting:   “This one off beers was produced in 2007 as the antithesis of Cane & Ebel. We produced an Imperial Cane & Ebel batch a couple months earlier and thought we should finish the trifecta with a light colored version.   Pillar of Salt is a White version of our Red Rye ale that uses no coloring malts and different hops. The resulting beer is still boldly hoppy, but with a strong citrusy dry hop. 68 IBU, 6.8% ABV.”