The week between Christmas and New Years was a busy one for Two Brothers Brewing, as they were piping in their new oak foudres.Foudres are enormous oak barrels that are widely used in the Rhone Valley of France, so you can imagine what a pain staking process it was for Two Brothers to get these barrels to their brewery in Warrenville, IL.The hard work has paid off for Two Brothers, as they released Long Haul Session Ale and Resistance IPA this week.Both of these new brews are part of the newly established J series, meaning that they were aged in the French oak foudres.


Long Haul Session Ales name implies that it was brewed for you to be able to consume several during a session.A caramel malt and citrus hop aroma was evident in this 4.2% ABV brew.The flavor started with a dose of the caramel malt followed quickly by the citrus hops, both of which ended up balancing together harmoniously.The oak showed itself in the finish, and coincided with a mild but lingering bitterness.Long Haul was light in body yet packed with flavor, resulting in the perfect session beer.


Next up for us was Resistance IPA, which unlike its counterpart, is not a session beer.Rather, it is a 6.9% ABV hop monster of a beer.We were in agreement that this was one of the more piney beers that we have come across, while a hint of citrus took a back seat to the oodles of pine.The finish was bitter and long, with a touch of oak from the foudres.If you enjoy hoppy beer, then this one is for you.


It will be interesting to see what Two Brothers does next with their oak foudres.Will they continue down the path of crafting new beers for their J series (ala Long Haul, Resistance, and the previously released Heavier Handed) or will they migrate towards aging their regular line of beers?Which beer would you like to see Two Brothers put into the oak foudres?