Hey foodies! This one's for you. Tuck Beckstoffer of Seventy Five Wine Company (and owner of some top-notch vineyards in Napa and Northern California that supply grapes to super sought after wineries) is coming to the Binny's in Lincoln Park. Tuck's focus has been on creating world-class wines at actually reasonable prices. Here's the cool thing, though: He's coming by food truck. Taco truck, to be exact. How cool is that? The truck will sell soft shell tacos for a buck each. And there's wine, too. Tuck is tasting out his wines, including 75 Wine Co's The Sum and also his Melee Red, a wine that Binny's is specially offering just for this event. Details:  

Thursday, October 20, 6-7:30p Binny's in Lincoln Park Call 312.664.4394 for more info

This is an open house event

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