Troubadour Magma is poised to take Chicago by storm, having already proved itself as a top notch beer in it's home country of Belgium.  Magma is already a decorated beer, having won top honors at Zythos, the biggest as well as the premier beer festival in Belgium.  Longtime favorites and heavyweights, such as Tripel Karmeliet and Malheur 10 were edged out by the impressive Magma.


Magma is brewed with Belgian yeast, and dry hopped with American simcoe hops, resulting in a Belgian IPA that clocks in at 9% ABV.  It poured a big fluffy head with an impressive amount of lacing.  The most surprising flavor was of strawberries, along with some citrus undertones which are most likely a result of the saaz hops.  A sweet and yeasty taste was apparent, along with a pleasant but not overwhelming hoppiness.  The finish was fruity with a slight lingering bitterness.


The Musketeers Brewery, only in business since 2000, also brew Troubadour Blond and Troubadour Obscura. These two beers, along with the newly introudced Magma, continue to grow in popularity despite taking on brands that have been established for centuries.  Dont miss your opportunity to try what the experts have named the best beer in all of Belgium.  Do you agree?