The Chicago Tribune recently announced that its beer of the month is Capital Maibock. This is a solid choice and coincides adequately with springtime, as maibocks are usually released during this time of the year. I fully agree with the writers selection of Capital Maibock to represent the beer of the month. Check out the online version of the Chicago Tribune article, where you will find a great description of the Capital Maibock.   The Tribune mentiond that maibocks are usually released in May, and while May is the month in which maibocks are celebrated in Germany, the fact of the matter is that many maibocks have been on the market since the beginning of March, including the Capital Maibock. Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock and Sprecher Maibock are two other examples of stellar maibocks that hit the market in early March. Two popular German maibocks, Hofbrau and Altenmunster, have yet to hit the market. Perhaps the most famous maibock of them all, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, is crafted and available year round. It seems as if American craft breweries making maibocks dont follow the German tradition of releasing maibocks in May, and often times release them months earlier. By the time May rolls around, almost all of American breweries will be done producing their spring seasonals, and will already have their summer beers on the market.   As far as the maibock style goes, it is usually lighter in color with a pronounced hop character when compared to a regular bock. Regular bocks are usually darker in color, with more of a malt character. Both the maibock and bock are bottom fermenting lagers that are usually a bit high in alcohol, usually anywhere from 6-8% ABV.   Do you think that Capital Maibock is worthy of being declared the beer of the month, or is there a different maibock that you think is superior to Capitals version of the style?